A Divorce Attorney & the Private Detective: A match made in...court!

Divorce Attorneys and Private Investigators

We are a private investigation company. We work on divorce cases all of the time. If you don't think a private investigator that specializes in divorce would be of value in your situation, you may want to consider some points before drawing a conclusion.

Private investigators know attorneys

Private investigators who specialize in divorces know divorce attorneys.

An experienced private investigator that is a divorce investigator can have many years of hands-on knowledge that can help you win custody, find hidden assets, pull reliable information from a background check, catch a cheating spouse, prove whether someone is living with their lover, and much more.

Divorce Attorney

Do you already have an attorney to represent you in your divorce? Do you need a referral? Does your situation differ from typical divorces. Would you be better served with an attorney who possesses a background in accounting or child custody?

Certified Family Law Specialist

If you have children you may need a divorce attorney that is a certified family law specialist, not just an attorney that will be happy to take your retainer and represent you in your divorce. This isn't an insurance claim case or a criminal defense matter, it's divorce. A law suit to end a marriage.

We can refer you to the right attorney

When you have the right people on your side it can make the difference between your resolving any issues quickly and favorably, or dragging out the case until you and your ex are cleaned out and broke with no resolution.

We can be of tremendous help in any divorce case, including serving the divorce papers.

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April 1, 2012
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