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Asset SearchLinked Investigations is a licensed private investigative firm based in Orange County, California. We’ve provided thorough and accurate asset searches for over 30 years.

What Is an Asset Search?

An asset search is a specialized version of an online search or a background search investigation. We isolate specific information regarding a person’s assets, or economic – aka monetary – value. We find houses, businesses, airplanes, private jets, boats, vacation homes, or other properties and possessions that add to a person's net worth.

Asset searches can also turn up businesses that are owned or have been owned by the subject of our investigation. This often ties in associates and relatives to produce a clearer picture of the truth.

Types of Asset Searches

Our basic asset search includes:

  • Subject's date of birth (DOB)
  • Notices of default
  • Social security number
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Corporate records
  • Property records
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Fictitious business names (DBAs)
  • Skip tracing
  • Tax lien search and judgments
  • Verify state-issued licenses
  • Motor vehicle records (where available)

Our advanced asset searches include :

  • Bank account search
  • Securities / trade house account search

We do not currently offer the following services:

  • Medical records without consent
  • Telephone records
  • Detailed military service records
  • Credit reports
  • Bank account transaction history
  • Previous employment history
  • Debt collection services
  • Bounty hunting


**  Our Asset Searches also uncover negative information, which can be extremely important for you to know, such as tax liens, judgments, bankruptcy, defaults, complaints, and other derogatory information.


Public records aren’t always accurate or updated when they are supposed to be. You must use diligence in your efforts, as many assets will not turn up in databases. In those cases, we use our investigative expertise to locate hidden assets through other means.

For example, in addition to our basic and advanced asset searches, we offer surveillance services to monitor a person’s activities. This is a valuble tool which can determine what a person is doing and, potentially, where their money and property is located.

A professional asset investigation can go a long way towards providing the information you need.

An Asset Search is a Valuable Tool

Whether you are in the beginning of a business or personal relationship – or you are ready to terminate one – an asset search can be a valuable tool, allowing you to protect your best interests. It's important that you choose a licensed private investigator, experienced in sifting through the complex information that an asset search can turn up. Linked Investigations can provide you with accurate results to your asset search, which can help you take the next step.

Be Careful When Considering a Low-Cost Online Service

Beware Free Asset SearchesMany companies hire data entry clerks to perform their online searches and background checks. Often, the information they provide is little better than what you could find yourself – and then they charge you for it. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

It takes experience and access to the right professional databases to get the accurate results you need from an asset check. We will always work to provide the results you need while working within your budget.


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