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You Need a Trustworthy Private Investigator…

When you are navigating the emotionally challenging world of divorce and/or child custody, you need a sensitive and experienced private detective to take care of your needs with finesse and discretion.

Linked Investigations has worked closely with individuals and families for over 30 years. Your divorce attorney will appreciate the proactive stance you have taken by hiring a private detective and will value our work in mediation session or the courtroom.

Owner Mike Garroutte is a local private investigator based in Orange County.  His team of top private investigators works locally, or internationally, depending on your needs.  Mike and his team deliver critical evidence that will create a positive closure for your case.

Linked Investigations has become a valuable and trusted go-to resource for individuals and their family law attorney.

Here is a Sampling of our Family Law Services:

We can monitor a custodial parent’s behavior before and/or during visits.  If you need to know what’s really going on, or get proof for others, this can be an important first step to help you make important decisions. Once we uncover the truth, you can take action accordingly.

Child Custody Issues
Are your children safe? Are court orders being violated? Are there issues with monitored visitations? Our investigative services can help answer these questions and provide admissible evidence.

Verification of Physical Address/Employment
We can determine where your ex-spouse or significant other is now living/working. Are they living with someone else? This can affect spousal support and custody. Often, alcohol and/or drug use is a factor in divorce and custody cases.

Background Checks
Who is around your children? Are you aware of the other parent’s true history? You may want to consider conducting a criminal background check. Our detailed background investigations provide information regarding childcare providers, or the custodial parent’s family members and significant others.

Verification of Court Order Violations
Violation of court orders is very common and should be documented by a licensed private investigator. We can provide documentation, videos, and/or photos upon request. Having this proof can have a dramatic positive effect on your child custody case and monetary settlement.

In-Depth Online Research
This can be extremely important. In many cases a client needs to have information relative to property ownership records, company ownership, criminal and civil records, income and employment, financial standing, etc. We have numerous resources.

Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)
Are you dealing with intimidation, domestic violence, invasion of privacy, or harassment issues? We can document some of this and assist you with obtaining temporary restraining orders (TROs). We can effect service of these, or any other documents, on the other person.

Professional Referrals
We can recommend marriage counselors and family psychologists for evaluations or therapy. We also refer appropriate attorneys, forensic accountants, and others.

Provide Peace of Mind
Sometimes you need evidence, outside of the courtroom, for your own peace of mind. You may need to have proof for your family, friends, church, etc. Sometimes you need proof when confronting a liar.

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We will communicate by phone or meet with you during a free consultation.  This allows us to get to know one another.  After discussing your situation confidentially, we can create a detailed plan and tailor our services to work within your budget.  Throughout the duration of our services, we will remain in regular contact with you, or your designated contact, so you are kept up-to-date on the status of your case.

Our Family Law Services Provide Credible Evidence for a Positive Outcome.

Our investigative services have helped family law attorneys, and their clients, achieve successful conclusions on thousands of cases.  You are more likely to obtain a favorable outcome in a Family Law Court when you have accurate, relevant, and credible evidence, obtained in a professional manner by a licensed private investigator.
We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a reputable licensed private investigator by your side. You cannot afford to enlist a P.I. that is going to come up short, provide weak evidence, or make matters worse.

We Can Provide Referrals to the Best Certified Family Law Specialists.

A qualified family law attorney is worth his or her weight in gold. Divorce is difficult and when children are involved, it becomes even more emotionally challenging. Depending on the kind of attorney you choose, your journey can go relatively smoothly or become a disaster. Having worked for many years with the strongest attorneys in Southern California, we can make referrals to the best attorneys based on your needs. A Certified Family Law Specialist is always a must for Family Law cases.

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