Public Record Searches

Accurate Public Record Searches Require Experience and Discretion


Accurate public record searches are not as easy as you might think. A person using the internet to search public data bases to find up-to-date information may find that they are in over their heads.  Linked Investigations, a licensed private investigation firm, has professional relationships with some of the most extensive data base companies in the nation.  Our experience and knowledge allows us to sift through the information and select the most important and current data for your case.


Our Public Record Search Services Include:

  • Find someone; find family or a missing person
  • Property Records Search
  • Complete Background Check
  • Asset Search
  • Find a social security number
  • Find Date of Birth.
  • Identify Aliases (aka) On line search services
  • Search Divorce and Marriage records
  • Divorce Attorneys
  • Criminal Background Check
  • All Civil Records
  • Find an Attorney
  • Peruse Civil Records Search for Birth and Death Records
  • Identify Fictitious Business Names (DBAs)
  • Verify Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Corporate Records: Officers, Filing Status
  • Tax Lien Search & Judgments
  • Notice of Default & Bankruptcy
  • State Issued Licenses (most states)
  • Sex Offender Check
  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Employment Searches
  • Verify Child Custody Court Orders
  • Telephone number check



Investigative Public Record Search Services you are looking for.

Our Investigative Services will be a value to you. Our affordable public record searches can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact Linked Investigations so that we can help you determine which of our services will work the best for your situation.

Public Record Searches Are Complex

For Public Record Searches, it is important that you hire an experienced private investigator with experience.  When done improperly, public record searches can be inaccurate, confusing, and misleading. Public record search companies often use data entry clerks who are under trained.  Linked Investigations knows the difference and will interpret the search results for you to provide the most accurate and current information possible.


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