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Why do attorneys prefer Linked Investigations?

Our attorney services provide critical and accurate information for their cases.


services for attorneysLinked Investigations is a licensed private investigation company in Orange County, California.  Our investigative services reflect a broad scope of professional experience and skill.  Whether you are trying a civil or criminal case, Linked Investigations is a valuable, trusted, go-to resource for law firms. We make sure that your legal team has the evidence it needs to provide a positive outcome for your clients.  Mike Garroutte, founder of Linked Investigations, is a licensed private detective. Although Mr.Garroutte is a local private investigator, he and his company provide professional investigative services anywhere around the globe.


The following is a list of services we provide for divorce attorneys, independent attorneys, and law firms:


  • Civil and criminal research
  • Pre-litigation investigation
  • Legal preparation
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Taking legal statements/declarations
  • Locating individuals of interest
  • Service of all documents
  • Electronic eavesdropping detection (debugging)
  • Expert surveillance
  • Counter surveillance – to determine whether your client is being monitored
  • Extensive computer-based searches
  • Provide courtroom testimony
  • Referrals to related industry professionals, i.e. attorneys (most fields) marriage counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and evaluators.
  • Assisting your corporate clientele

Contact us for a free consultation.  We are readily available to discuss your case as needed. Our services can be tailored to conform to your requirements. Allow Linked Investigations the opportunity to assist you, and your clients, in obtaining the best possible evidence for a favorable legal outcome.


Professional Investigative Services for Certified Family Law Specialists

For over 30 years, Mike Garroutte has successfully worked thousands of assignments, many of which have been performed for attorneys, and their clients, in a variety of cases.  If you are a Certified Family Law Specialist, or divorce attorney, you may have already experienced our investigative talent either directly or through subcontract. If you have not previously utilized our investigative services, you have most likely come up against opposing council who has. We guarantee our family law services are the best in our field.


Linked Investigations is a discreet surveillance investigator

We are professionals at discreetly conducting our investigations and remaining in the background. As a professional surveillance investigator, our subjects are rarely aware that Linked Investigations has uncovered their secrets – whether through surveillance, computer searches, or other means. We regularly get proof of violations of court orders on video.

The “other side” is sometimes shocked and embarrassed when nailed in a deposition, or in the courtroom, after being confronted by our solid evidence.


We provide detailed reports and offer expert witness testimony

Our detailed, professionally written, court-ready reports are completed promptly and made ready for you to use as needed.  We have testified numerous times in depositions and have provided expert witness testimony in the courtroom. Using our investigative services can change the direction of a case.


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