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Mike Garroutte

Mike Garroutte

Mike Garroutte is the founder of Linked Investigations. He is a professionally licensed private investigator, possessing over 30 years of in-the-field experience as a Private Investigator. Mike’s expansive and diverse experience and skills as a private investigator allow him to quickly and accurately uncover relevant information and results for clients, no matter the size of the case.

He is known for his honesty and integrity. What truly sets Mike apart from other private investigators is his high level of diverse case experience and extensive training from mentors with exceptional Federal law enforcement experience and business management skills. This was all obtained on the job in the private sector which has proven to be very beneficial.

Mike Garroutte maintains a high level of interest and attention to his clients’ unique needs. He provides people with a calming sense of confidence that he has the knowledge and resources to uncover the truth and document it properly. You can rely on Mike.  He is not just another Private Investigator in Orange County, CA.  Mike’s genuine caring and down-to-earth approach is underscored by his focus on making a positive difference in people’s lives and their experiences. He is tenacious while maintaining his professionalism and acting with discretion.

When you work with Linked Investigations, whether Mike handles your case personally or oversees a team of investigators, you can be assured that you and your case are in experienced hands.  There are several reasons why Mike Garroutte and his team of professional investigators are highly sought after and relied on by individuals, corporations, law firms, law enforcement and government organizations, and other reputable investigative agencies. When clients collaborate with Mike on complex cases, they immediately realize they are dealing with an accomplished and professional private investigator, without pretense. Mike has been around long enough to visualize the solution to a problem and know how to safely and discreetly navigate a path that leads clients to the successful conclusion of their case.

Adept at outlining a successful strategy for his clients, Mike Garroutte is very proficient at conducting sensitive family law investigations, computer searches to investigate assets, and providing detailed background investigations.  His surveillance services for business and individuals are unmatched.  Mike expertly breaks down the investigative process based on the client’s individual concerns. Simplified, step-by-step manageable pieces are linked together. This is extremely helpful, particularly for clients who are not sure where to start or how to move forward in accomplishing their goals.

With over 30 years of experience as a Private Investigator in Southern California, and having been involved with just about every possible type of investigative case you can imagine, Mike understands the client’s situation and is patient throughout all phases of a case. Viewing all cases as unique, Mike and his team of investigators are adept at implementing a successful strategy that allows clients to arrive at a desirable outcome for each investigation and case.

To connect with Mike about your investigative needs, please call Linked Investigations toll-free at 877-464-5374, or contact his office via Email or our convenient Contact Form.

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