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FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsListed below are several of the questions we are asked most often.  If the question you have is not listed or you would like more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and/or request a Complimentary Consultation.

Who is Linked Investigations?

Linked InvestigationsLinked Investigations is a Premier Private Investigations firm based in Southern California. The company's owner, Mike Garroutte began working as a Private Investigator in 1982.

For more information about Linked Investigations and how they can asisst you, please visit the "Our Team" page.



What types of Investigative services does Linked Investigations offer?



We are a full-service Private Investigation firm. This means we are experienced in and work on most areas of investigations. We specialize in expert Surveillance Services, Complete Background Checks and other Personalized Services.


What will a Private Investigator cost?


Each service is different since it is based on your specific needs. Please call us for a free phone consultation so we can determine the best services for your needs and quote you a price.


Is this legal?


Yes. We are licensed by the State of California to conduct surveillance and numerous other services. Go to: http://www.bsis.ca.gov/


Is it legal to record phone calls and/or private conversations?


No. It is not legal to secretly record private conversations or two party calls. All people involved in a conversation must be made aware and consent to a recording. If there is an expectation of privacy, then you cannot do it. Private Investigators are not allowed to do it and the recorded conversation cannot be used in court.

There are exceptions, but generally this is bad practice and a quick way to get you into serious trouble.


Is it legal to put a GPS tracking device on someone's car?



Generally, no. While owners of family vehicles and business owners with company "fleet" or service vehicles may have valid reasons in some situations, it is generally not legal.

Private Investigators are NOT allowed to install or use tracking devices on surveillance to monitor unsuspecting subjects of their investigations. Tracking devices cannot provide as detailed information as a private investigator through visual surveillance.


Do I pay before or after the work is completed? Do I pay only if you get results?



We typically require a retainer commensurate to the amount of work estimated before we begin. We can discuss any additional work and associated fees before we move forward. There should be no surprises involving cost.

We get paid for the time spent in our best attempts to get your information. Generally, we provide you with what we observed or uncovered during our efforts on your behalf. We cannot control what any subject does during the time we watch them.


How do I contact Linked Investigations if I have a potential case to discuss?



CALL US or send us an email from our contact us page. The longer you wait before talking to us the higher the potential to miss an opportunity or lose valuable planning time.


What do surveillance services include?

Surveillance Services


As a surveillance investigator, I will monitor an individual's activities and provide you with a verbal and professionally written, detailed, court ready report.

When requested you can expect regular updates during a surveillance, with details of a subject’s activity, locations traveled to, people they come into contact with and their interaction.

Video and still photography services are included during surveillance upon request and at no additional cost to you for the service.

We can provide follow up computer and field work from the information obtained during a surveillance. We can testify in court to our findings, if needed.


Will anyone find out about the surveillance?



Not usually. We are not required to disclose our information to third parties. Our policy is not to disclose findings to those outside our associate group without your consent. Unless you tell someone, no-one should find out about our efforts.


Is there a minimum?



We have a four hour minimum for each surveillance. After the four hour minimum is met, we charge by the hour. This is standard in the business. We also charge for mileage, which is also standard. Photography and videography services are included.


What information can I expect from a Complete Background Check?

Complete Background Check


Our in-house data bases are extremely thorough and up to date. We do not provide stale information like most on-line providers. You get the benefit of our many years of research experience and our hands on follow up with you to insure you are getting the best, most current information available. For specific areas searched, you are welcome to navigate to our investigative services page, or contact us to discuss.

We invite you to review our investigative services and contact us today for your complimentary consultation.



Can I schedule a free consultation?

Free Consultation


Yes. Click Here to schedule a free consultation. A licensed private investigator will confidentially discuss your situation. You will be provided with straight and honest answers, which will take the guesswork out of what will be the most effective means for getting the answers you need.


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