Advanced Background Checks: You Get What You Pay For

Have you ever needed to background check someone? You may have felt a wave of relief wash over you after realizing how many background check tools are available for people that want to get the full story on others in their life. Unfortunately, not all background check tools are created equal.

The NICS: A Prime Example Of Misleading Background Checks

The NICS is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. It was launched by the FBI in 1998 and is used to conduct background checks to determine whether people are eligible to purchase firearms.  The FBI boasts that the system has been used to conduct 100 million background checks in the past decade and that over 700,000 ineligible consumers have been denied the right to purchase a gun.

However, the Oklahoma Watch, a non-profit focused on investigating the most important public policy issues facing the country today, paints a very different picture of the NICS. In a recent article about the failures of the NICS, the Oklahoma Watch points out that there is no law requiring states to submit mental health record to the NICS. Even worse, because of confusing standards in place regarding whether or not a patient's records actually show up in the database, many people that should not be allowed to buy firearms are cleared anyway. The Oklahoma Watch article mentions that since January 2009, every single mass shooter in the U.S. could have passed an NICS check even though several of them had a history of mental health problems.

This is just one instance of how a background check system can fail to meet its original purpose. There are many other ways that someone passing a background check unexpectedly can cause problems for people running the check. What options do people have if they want a complete background check on a person of interest? One of the best is to hire a private investigator for this job.

Why Private Investigators Do It Better

Private investigators are sometimes thought of as covert operatives that work in the shadows and conduct surveillance on people without their knowledge. While this is certainly one dimension of what private investigators do, it is not the only one. It is also very common for people to hire a private investigator to get an advanced background check on individuals for both personal and professional reasons.

Private investigators give clients several advantages over an automated background check service, such as:

  • The attention of a real person: Unlike an automated background check system that is conducted by a computer, a private investigator is able to use human logic and reasoning when conducting a background check.
  • Multiple search platforms: Did the person you want to check out change their name? An astute private investigator will usually be able to figure this out for you and check on their previous name history. They can also access several important databases to help you get a well-rounded history of the person you are curious about.
  • Interviewing the right people: Private investigators can talk to people that were involved in incidents that come up on a person's background check to get the true story about the incident.

Whether you are conducting a background check on a potential caretaker, new hire, or romantic partner, a background check is too important of a task to leave to an automated service or nameless computer.

Hire a skilled private investigator in Orange County to get the thorough, accurate, and organized background check that you need. Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations has used advanced background checks to assist his clients with both personal and professional matters. Contact us today to discuss how our background check services can be of assistance. 714-432-9911 or

Published on: 
November 12, 2014
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