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You have come to the right place if you are in need of locating assets held by a person or a company. We will find real estate, businesses, bank information, current and previous addresses of record and the owners of those properties. We also find much, much more.

To conduct an accurate and thorough asset check and get correct and up to date information is not something just any private investigator can do. It takes know-how and years of hands on experience to develop good reliable asset information for customers. You cannot simply look on the internet hoping to find the important stuff. Sure, you may see some public records and on-line search services that make big claims. Be wary of the cheapest services as they usually provide weak and old if not incorrect data. Can you afford to miss assets?

Asset Check - Asset Search

Many reputable agencies charge an arm and a leg for an asset check and provide great results. Some private investigative firms produce the same and even better, more thorough results for hundreds of dollars less. Unfortunately, most private investigators have no idea how to get good information and they still hook their clients with attractive and bare-bones search fees.

In the end, how do you know whether you've been sold a good product? It's tough to know when you don't do it for a living or haven't done your homework in the front end, before paying good money to run an asset search.

There is absolutely no point in hiring an investigative firm for services if all you want to do is pay cut-rate prices, thinking you are going to get what you are looking for. Do yourself a favor and shop around some. Ask what exactly the investigator is going to search for and produce for you, for your money. Compare the professionalism and knowledge between agencies and ask how long the asset check will take.

Ask whether the private investigator will provide you with a detailed report which includes the data retrieved and areas searched. You should be given the name of the investigator, his company name and license number before you hire any private investigative or detective agency to do any work for you. If the person you speak with does not provide any of this information, don't hire him or her.

You can verify a private investigator by visiting the state of California's website at

You should expect to pay up-front before the search is conducted. If you are taken in, taken advantage of, by a private investigative firm you should demand a return of some or all of the money you have spent. If the investigator does not respond to you or if you feel they have miss represented their ability or product, you can file a complaint with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services at the website address listed above. Let the investigator know you will do this this and it may compel them to respond to you and work towards resolving any issues.

At Linked Investigations we conduct national asset searches and asset searches in California. In addition to basic assets we find derogatory information such as bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments, notices of default and more.

You need to know that even when someone has assets, they may be very difficult to go after if the person or company is already encumbered with other issues and creditors who are ahead of you in line.

Before you spend money and time pursuing someone it is wise to have a complete asset search conducted by a licensed private investigator. This could show whether it is worth your time.

We provide a free phone consultation that is private and there is no obligation. We will answer all of your questions before you spend a dime with us. If you can find a better agency for your asset search needs, at a better price, we encourage you to try them.

Contact Mike Garroutte at Linked Investigations for more information. Happy hunting.

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September 29, 2012
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