Counter-Surveillance: “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me”

Whether you are “an average man, with an average life” or someone whom the media constantly follows, the threat that you are being watched is even more real than it was in the 1980s when Rockwell and Michael Jackson performed the hit “Somebody’s Watching Me.” With surveillance cameras seemingly on every corner, and gadgets like stoplight cameras, laptops, and smartphones in abundance, it is now much easier for the mailman, your neighbor, or the IRS to be watching you without your knowledge. Counter-surveillance is something you should consider.

Spy Gear

There are so many ways today that someone can spy on you and monitor your every move. For a simple example, look at the apps that are available for smartphones and tablets, many of which require location detection. How many times have you seen a notification pop up on your phone asking you to allow an app to access your location? You might authorize it without even thinking about it, so you can get back to your business. Likewise, your social media profile may track your every move and broadcast it to the world.

However, there are additional tools that businesses, the government, and private parties can use to check your emails, texts, phone conversations, and website history. Electronic devices can be installed on your vehicle, and hidden cameras can be encased in teddy bears and alarm clocks. Also, phones can be wiretapped and your conversations recorded.

A private investigator might be watching you to gather information to use against you later. Some agents follow targets on foot or by car, while others resort to using gadgets like drones or GPS tracking to get whatever damaging evidence they can.

Reasons for Spying

There are many reasons why a person might be watching your every move. If you are embroiled in a divorce or family law dispute, your spouse could be trying to collect evidence to use against you in court. The company you work for might be checking to make sure your intentions and work ethic are honorable. A business partner or colleague might be looking for ways to cut you out of a deal. In some cases, such monitoring is for dangerous - and potentially deadly - intentions, such as stalking or kidnapping.


If you suspect that your vehicle has a GPS tracking device on it or that your phone may be wiretapped, you are not likely to get much help from law enforcement. They may think that you are imagining things or consider such issues a private or civil matter, even though such behaviors might actually be illegal.

While these devices are relatively simple for professionals to find, the 'average Joe' might find them difficult to locate and remove. It can be even harder to try and figure out where the device came from, and why it was installed in the first place. A professional private investigator can use authentic equipment to detect and remove such devices, and then work to figure out who might have placed it there - and why.

Counter-Surveillance: Spying on the Spy

Another way to counteract these 'spy games' is to employ the services of a private investigator yourself. An experienced PI can use counter-surveillance measures to determine if somebody is actually watching you, or if you are just being paranoid.

We Can Help: Counter-Surveillance

At Linked Investigations, our professional private investigators can discreetly determine if someone is stalking, harassing, threatening, or otherwise monitoring your actions. If the evidence we obtain confirms your suspicions, we can often confront the subject in an effort to make them stop.

Our company was founded by Mike Garroutte, who has been helping people to protect themselves and their legal interests since 1982. If you would like our assistance in determining if you are being tracked or monitored, or if you are interested in counter-surveillance measures, call us today at 877-464-5374 for a free, no-obligation consultation, or if you prefer, you can contact us online.

Published on: 
August 25, 2015
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