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The best Private Investigation Companies can locate people quickly in most cases. After having been in the private investigation business for over three decades you learn what works and what doesn't work when you need to find someone quickly. The experts at Linked Investigations produce excellent results based on only the limited information that many of our customers have.

Our searches are focussed while covering a broad national pool of information. The techniques used at Linked Investigations provide unmatched results in the industry.

If you have already tried to find someone yourself on-line you probably have found some possible "hits" as we say in the business but it is unlikely you were successful in locating the person's most current address of record, their phone number, email address, relatives and associates, among other useful information. Most people rarely get the best, most current up-to-date information. This is where we at Linked Investigations surpass other search companies, using personalized, hands-on service. You will talk with the licensed private investigator that is going to conduct the search.

Don't get frustrated and give up, hire an experienced and licensed private investigator who is an expert at finding people. Our people locater services are the best you can find. Knowing how to use limited information, we use our strongest proprietary methods and confidential resources. We ask you questions you may have thought would not make a difference in a search and we can explain why some information you have may not be useful in our search effort. We follow up when new leads arise. Save time and money and have experts conduct the searches for you quickly, accurately, privately and at a fair price.

As with most things in life, there are ways to get things done correctly and accurately and then there are ways to simply spin your wheels and go no-where.

Do you need to find someone? Linked Investigations will find people today with our National people finder locate service. Call us toll-free at 877-464-5374. Remember to always consult with a state licensed private investigator who finds people using proven methods and experience. Each situation has some variation in the circumstances that may change the methods and resources a private investigator uses when locating someone. When you're ready to end the search and get the answers, contact us!

Linked Investigations is a Private Investigation Company owned and operated by Mike Garroutte, a California state-licensed private investigator. Our offices are based in Costa Mesa, California. Contact Mr. Garroutte today for your free and confidential phone consultation.

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September 15, 2014
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