For Men Only! Is My Wife Having An affair? - Part 2

My Wife Is Having An Affair

If you have read this far you more than likely have good reason for studying up on the subject. Do you recognize the signs of a cheating wife? Remember, a good Private Investigator can get answers for you and bring some peace of mind. As painful as it may seem, knowing the truth is a relief. You no longer have to guess what is going on.

Catch a Cheating Wife

So what can you do? Well there is a common thread we have seen in most cases involving the need to catch a cheating wife. Most cheaters, men and women, get sloppy or they never would think you are sharp enough to actually hire a private investigator.

You have an opportunity. As long as you can keep your mouth shut, not make threats that you will hire a P.I. and you don't confide in the wrong friends or family, you can find a good detective to get you the facts, not only of an affair but information on the other person involved in the affair. Sometimes this information plays a critical role in the outcome of this kind of situation.

For instance;

  • Do you know whether the other guy is married or is divorced?
  • Maybe he's lying to your wife and she's buying it.
  • You must know whether the other man is a criminal, a child molester.
  • Is this other person introducing drug and alcohol use?
  • Are your children around the other person and their children?
  • Can you trust your ex-wife about things of importance?
  • Is the guy wealthy or broke?
  • The other man might be cheating on your wife.
  • Your wife might be lying to the other man. Should you contact him?
  • Should you contact the other man's family and employer?

You may be surprised how good you will feel when you address the problem legally and talk to a good private eye.

Hire a private investigator to conduct a surveillance.

You should find out if the guy has a derogatory file for:

If child custody is involved this type of information is a must.

  • Does this person have a track record of divorce?
  • Is your wife going to try to clean you out?

If she is living with another guy, co-habitation, that can drastically change things in your favor in the court room. That can also affect the custody orders. There are great certified family law attorneys if it comes to that. We know some of the best attorneys.

Maybe it's not too late? Maybe your wife hasn't cheated yet. If there is a budding relationship or some bad behavior that can be uncovered, you may be able to stop the affair before it starts. Maybe you can catch the affair before it gets out of hand and take steps to repair your relationship.

Hire a Private Investigator

Before you hire any private investigator in California we strongly suggest you visit the state's website at This is the Department of Consumer Affairs' Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. This is the agency bureau that licenses and oversees Private Investigators, security guards, lock smiths and some other professionals in California.

Please feel free to check us out with the state. You can check by using the business name Linked Investigations or the license number. Our license number is 15568. We have provided a button with an internal link that brings you right to the page of the state's website to check an investigator's license.

If you have any trouble we will be happy to help. Our consultations are private, free and without obligation.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed California private investigator. He is the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California. He has been a private investigator based in Orange County, California for over thirty years.

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July 1, 2012
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