Hiring A Private Investigator Can Help Your Child Custody Situation

Child custody is an important aspect of the changing relationship between parents that are no longer raising their children together in the same household. How you proceed affects the children considerably and can have life-altering effects. We hope parents want the best for their children, even as their own relationships have changed. Most want their children to be safe, cared for, and loved. However, some adults have grossly changed their priorities or do not seem to possess the tools to make sound decisions.

The Family Law Court relies on presented evidence, not the word of a parent. When you work with Linked Investigations, you not only get the benefit of our decades-long state licensed experience in Family Law related matters, you will get a detailed court-ready report of our findings along with any relevant pictures or video our investigators obtain. Linked Investigations can competently testify in court.

It may be time to consider hiring the right private investigator. This can help to alleviate your child custody concerns. Decisions regarding relationships, and custody, should be made using concrete evidence rather than assumptions and unsubstantiated accusations. A common mistake made by people going through divorce is they think once the court knows their grievance, the court will most surely agree with them and decide in their favor. Poor planning and assuming too much can result in things not turning out as planned. The right private investigator can help you to get the evidence you need to obtain the best outcome for your situation.

Hiring a private investigator experienced in Family Law to conduct surveillance and obtain evidence can help you to decide the best path moving forward. A check of their activity can be illuminating. You might find out about behaviors or activities that your partner may have been hiding for years.

Background checks and surveillance can help with child custody cases. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of the case, we do know that solid evidence often works in our clients’ favor. It can reveal whether someone is an unfit parent or hiding information that could affect their rights and related financial aspects—like child support payments. Too many of our clients tell us the reason the other side wants more custody is either a control issue, out of spite, or for monetary reasons. Rarely is it because both parents want what is best for the child or children. Amazingly, even when both parents can agree on little else, it is not too difficult to come to a reasonable outcome when both want what is best for the kids.

We are licensed private investigators who have been helping clients like you since 1982. If you need help with child custody or other family law situations, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 714-432-9911 for a free, private, no obligation consultation. As a courtesy to our clients, we provide referrals to top attorneys certified as specialists in Family Law. Linked Investigations is here to help.

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