Holiday Investigations: Trick or Cheat For Halloween

Uncover the Face of Infidelity – Catch a Halloween Trick or Cheater

Halloween is a great opportunity for cheaters to hook up with others because:

  1. Costumes make it easier to be indiscreet. It’s not always easy for unfaithful individuals to hang out in a public place with the person they’re cheating with – especially in smaller towns and communities. It is a small world, after all, and the chances of getting caught increase every time they risk being out together in public. Wearing a costume, however, changes all that. With a mask on, your unfaithful partner might find the courage to go out on the town for some intimate time with someone who is decidedly not you.
  2. It’s easy to hook up at the company Halloween party. You’ve done the right thing, opting out of your spouse’s or partner’s company Halloween party - or the party of an important client - in order to take the kids trick-or-treating. What you don’t realize is that this gives your partner the perfect opportunity to either take their fling to the party, or to hook up with the co-worker they’ve been flirting with lately. Combine mutual office attraction, a bowl of spiked punch, and a party – and you’ve got all the necessary ingredients for your mate to consummate an affair.
  3. The opportunity to explore alter egos. A costume makes it easier for someone to participate in activities that he or she might not have had the guts to do otherwise. Why? Because they are hidden, with their true identity less visible, making it much more difficult to catch them. Combine that with a costume that celebrates a powerful alter ego, and you may discover your partner will be more inclined to hook up with his mistress (or she, with her mister) in order to explore a few alter ego fantasies.

Stop a Cheater in Their Tracks with Linked Investigations Holiday Investigation Services

Do you think Halloween night might inspire your spouse or partner to play more tricks than treats? If so, you might want to think about using surveillance services to find out whether or not your cheating spouse is living down to your worst expectations. We can discreetly follow your partner that night and give you a full report about where they go, what they do, and who they do it with.

Not quite ready to take that step yet? That’s okay. It can take a while to prepare yourself and make a plan if your suspicions turn out to be correct. In the meantime, we recommend that you read What NOT to Do When You Think Your Partner is Cheating so you don’t blow your own cover. The advice you receive there can be invaluable as you move forward through this stressful and emotionally-draining situation.

When you’re ready, Linked Investigations is here to listen to your suspicions and provide sound advice. We’ve been in the business of catching cheating spouses for over three decades. Our investigators are committed to much more than catching your cheating spouse. We also provide recommendations and referrals to the right support services to move your life forward in a more positive direction. Contact us by phone at 877-464-5374 or through our convenient contact form.

Published on: 
October 22, 2015
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