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Serve Summons and  Court Papers

Serve Summons, serve Small Claims subpoena, serve limited and unlimited civil court documents, serve divorce papers, serve court papers of any type, Restraining Orders - (TRO), any legal documents, contact us, we are private investigators that are experts at serving court papers.

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You don't have the time and can't afford to hire a second rate process server.

We are state licensed private investigators and we have successfully served thousands of court documents, in all levels of court, Federal, State, county, since 1982.

If you need someone whose daily job as a surveillance and skip trace expert enables them to be expert process servers then you should contact us to serve your summons documents.

We are discreet, patient, creative and tenacious. We will discuss the particulars of your situation; go out at the best time, whether at a restaurant, a hotel, the office, at home, it doesn't matter. We'll ask you the right questions to help us to do the best, fastest job for you. We'll provide you with a completed Proof of Service form that you supply with the documents you need us to serve.

We specialize in difficult subpoena services. We love them!

We provide a detailed report of our efforts, including any information we deem useful to you for any reason. We can video tape the service for you at no additional charge.

  • We charge by the hour and have a mileage charge also.
  • We can offer a flat rate on occasion.
  • You need to consider the cost of hiring the best.
  • You don't always need the best, but it is worth it.
  • Spend perhaps a little more in front and get the job done right, or use an inferior agency and spend much more time and aggravation, and maybe not even get the court papers served.

Need To Find Someone? Has a person run off to avoid you?

No one can guarantee they will serve someone. There are circumstances that can be present which create a non-service; maybe the subject is not in the country? Maybe the provided information is out dated or just plain wrong?

  • We have extensive databases we use in our private investigation business that we can use to locate the most current address of record for a person.
  • We have several tools at our disposal.
  • If we don't think we will be successful we will tell you up front and offer suggestions.
  • We are not the 35-85 dollar flat rate people that work on volume to make money serving easy subpoenas all day every day.
  • We don't wait until we have enough court papers to serve in a particular geographic area before we go out or send one of our many process servers out to spend the day making ATTEMPTS to serve, until their three included tries are done, successfully or not. We are licensed private investigators.
  • We are not the Marshals who charge a minimal fee to drive to a location in their government unit, knock on the door and not serve any documents, only to have your un-served papers get lost in the red-tape shuffle back at the office.

All the while the clock is ticking on your approaching court date. We get it. We will get the job done!

CALL US TODAY. The call is free, we will be happy to talk with you and provide you with a quote and a strategy. There is no obligation. We take credit cards, checks and cash. We will provide you with a detailed billing statement, you can bring to court.

It pays to ask the right questions before you serve a subpoena for a client. Likewise, it pays to ask some good pertinent questions of the people you entrust with taking good care of you and your request, no-matter how small or involved the job is expected to be. One of the reasons for our successful track record is that we ask the right questions of our clients which enables us to perform the best service for them.

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August 1, 2012
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