St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

St. Patrick’s Day is held annually on March 17th, and commemorates the day Saint Patrick died in 461 AD. With roots grounded in Christianity, it was made an official ‘feast’ day in the early 1600s. These days, it is more commonly associated with celebrating the culture and heritage of the Irish, with parades, festivals, and ‘the wearing of the green.’ For many, the day often ends with a visit to an Irish pub for a few green beers.

Shameful St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

A rowdy party atmosphere, when combined with heavy drinking, can sometimes lead a person to make shameful choices –including the decision to cheat on his or her spouse or partner. If your partner is out celebrating the holiday without you, there may be trouble brewing.

Since 1982, Linked Investigations has been helping clients catch their cheating spouses and partners. We offer discreet surveillance services, tailoring our approach to a client’s individual needs and budget. Whether your partner is going to a bar, club, St. Patrick’s Day party, or a parade, our private investigators in Orange County will do their utmost to find out if he or she is kissing more than the Blarney Stone.

In the event your partner is being naughty, we document the evidence and present it to you in the form of a written report, and visual media, when possible. If the results of our investigation motivate you to file for divorce, the evidence we obtain may be helpful to you in court.

The Elusive Pot of Gold

In some cases, a cheating spouse or partner may be hiding assets or secretly housing their love interest in a separate property. A complete asset search can help you find the proverbial gold at the end of the rainbow, enabling you to get your rightful share of the community property in the event of divorce or breakup.

Finding a Lost Loved One

St. Patrick’s Day is also a great time to reconnect with lost loved ones. It might be your first chance of the year to relax and plan a party. It could also be the first chance you’ve had after a Christmas or Valentine’s Day blowup to bury the hatchet and reignite a friendship, rekindle a romance, or reinforce family ties.

The private investigators at Linked Investigations are experts at locating lost loved ones. We have access to the most up-to-date and accurate databases available and know how to interpret the search results we obtain. Our thorough investigative techniques have helped clients reconnect with biological parents, siblings, cousins, former flames, and long-lost friends.

Reuniting with someone you haven’t seen in a long time could be risky. He or she may have taken up a bad habit like drug or alcohol abuse, or could be hanging with a dangerous crowd. Information gleaned through surveillance by a professional private investigator can help you decide whether or not a reunion would be safe.

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