Tim Duncan of the Spurs Hired a P.I. To Try & Catch a Cheating Wife

Think your wife is having an affair? So did Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs and he hired a private investigator to follow her.

According to Larry Brown, Tim Duncan reportedly hired a private investigator to tail his wife, Amy. Apparently, he suspects his wife is cheating on him and he wants to prove it. Only time will tell if his suspicions are correct. His decision to hire a private investigator for surveillance services was a smart one.

Duncan and his wife, Amy, have been married for twelve years. While Texas, like California, is considered a No-Fault divorce state, proving your spouse is cheating on you can still help your divorce case in court. How? Because when you prove that your husband or wife was cheating on you, it can reduce or eliminate alimony payments, change child custody scenarios, or alter how other assets and properties are divided during the settlement.

Are you afraid your wife is having an affair? Hire a Surveillance Investigator.

If you are worried your wife is having an affair, it might be time to enlist the services of an experienced and licensed surveillance investigator. In addition to surveillance services, a private investigator can help you uncover other acts of indiscretion on your wife's part such as financial infidelity. The information you discover can help you to decide how you want to move forward.

Surveillance Services. In most cheating wife cases, surveillance services are the method for providing the proof a husband needs. Contrary to what many people think, surveillance services can be very affordable. Once we have met during a complimentary consultation, I will have an idea of your wife's regular routine, work schedule, gym schedule, etc. Using that information, I can tailor my services in a way that is more likely to catch her in the act, quickly, which saves customers money.

Asset Search. Most people don't link an asset search with a cheating spouse. However, financial infidelity is often a large part of the picture if you have a cheating wife. She might have opened credit card accounts, checking accounts, or changed official title documents on your house, or other assets, in order to liquidate funds without you knowing it. An asset search, also called an asset check, can look into public and civil records and help you follow the money trail. If the results of an accurate asset search uncover financial infidelity, you will have evidence that can change the outcome of potential future divorce settlements.

Contact a private investigator if you think your wife is having an affair

Why live with the constant doubt, and feelings of rage, shame, and grief? Sometimes finding out the truth is like ripping off a big band-aid. It stings when you find out she's cheating, but then there is a huge sense of relief and you can begin to move on with your life. Talking with an experienced private investigator can help you to make sense of the madness, create a plan of action, and catch your cheating wife. Make sure you're the one in control of the situation.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a Private Investigator in Los Angeles and Orange County. His cheating spouse cases have taken him all over southern California and beyond. When you use Linked Investigations, you will see results. Our fees are competitive and we use the utmost respect and discretion with our clients and their cases.

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June 1, 2013
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