Indecent Exposure In Huntington Beach: Prevent Sex Crimes

There are many serious crimes that are sexual in nature that cause angst and pain for victims. While most people think of rape when the term "sexual crimes" comes up, indecent exposure is another kind of crime that can cause trauma for victims. This is the nature of Huntington Beach sex crimes.

An employee working at BJ Clothes in Huntington Beach found out firsthand just how serious indecent exposure can be. On July 23, a man entered the store and went into a dressing room. From there, he proceeded to take off his clothes and open the curtain to the dressing room, smiling at an employee working at the store. Once the employee threatened to call the police, the man put his clothes back on and exited. Unfortunately, the police still do not have a solid identity on the flasher. They have released a photograph and are asking citizens for help identifying the man.

How Private Investigators Can Identify Criminals

While a Huntington Beach private investigator may not have been able to do anything to stop this particular crime, private investigators are very valuable when it comes to identifying criminals like the one that flashed the BJ Clothes employee in Huntington Beach. Private investigators can help their clients and police departments solve crimes in several ways:

  • Conducting independent investigations: police officers are well-equipped to solve many kinds of crimes. However, there are certain occasions when a police officer may not be able to do things discretely enough to solve a crime. It is often difficult for police officers to operate under the radar. Private investigators can provide these kinds of services, because they do not need to wear any type of uniform or identify themselves as a law enforcement officer
  • Interviewing people: those that witness crimes must be interviewed as soon as possible so that they can provide relevant information to the right people to help a crime get solved. Unfortunately, some witnesses may be put off by the idea of talking to a police officer. Private investigators are able to hold interview services with witnesses that are much more informal and do not have as much pressure as an interview with the police.
  • Use advanced background checks. Before hiring a coach, nanny or any other employee who will have contact with your children, always use an advanced background check to review their criminal history. Always verify their credentials and check their references. You would be amazed at how often people lie on their applications and are never caught because employers don't take the time to perform even the most cursory employee screening steps.

Private Investigation In Orange County: A Necessity For Southern California

Whether a private investigator is hired to work on an indecent exposure crime, a violent assault, or a case of marital infidelity, the work that they do is very valuable to their clients as well as their community. A skilled Orange County private investigator will use tact and subtlety to do their job in a way that gives them the best chance of preventing a sex offender from perpetuating the crime.

People in areas like Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa all may have a need for private investigation services from time to time. If you live in Orange County and are in need of an investigator that you can count on, take the time to do your research so that you can find a private investigator who can identify criminals and stop them before they cause more harm.

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November 12, 2014
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