Child Neglect And The Tragic Death Of Cooper Harris

Child neglect is a very real problem faced by children all over the world. In some cases, children can recover through physical and emotional healing. In the worst cases, however, child neglect can cost an innocent young person their life. This was unfortunately the case a few weeks ago in Cobb County, Georgia, when 22-month-old Cooper Harris lost his life thanks to a horrifying example of neglect on the part of his father, Justin Ross Harris.

On June 18, Justin Ross Harris forgot to drop his son Cooper off at daycare on his way to work at a Home Depot corporate office in Smyrna, Georgia. On that particular day, CNN reported that the temperature outside reached 92 degrees. Studies that recreated the circumstances on the day of Cooper's death show that the internal temperature of Ross Harris? SUV could have been as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Your Spouse Doing What Justin Ross Harris Did?

After Cooper's death, reports surfaced that portrayed Justin Ross Harris in a suspicious light. Authorities say that not only had he performed Internet searches about children dying in hot cars, he was also using an online matchmaking service to talk to women. Evidence suggests that Ross Harris sent explicit photographs to women that he was talking to using the online service. Prosecutors are attempting to use this evidence to show that he intentionally murdered his son because he wanted a life free from the burden of taking care of a child.

While the legal system has not yet decided whether Harris is officially guilty or not, it is clear that he was behaving in a way that endangered the health of his child. If you suspect that your current or former spouse is neglecting your child or communicating romantically with other people, a private investigator can help you prove these allegations.

How A Private Investigator Can Help Catch Child Neglect

A well-trained private investigator will be of great assistance in helping you determine whether or not your spouse is neglecting your child like Justin Ross Harris. Private investigators can:

  • Provide you with a complete background check of your spouse. Whether you are newly married or have been together for many years, there is always a chance that your husband or wife was not upfront with you about their past. A background check will help you find out if your spouse has been abusive or violent in the past, which is often a sign of what they will do in the future
  • Offer surveillance services: the only way to truly know if your spouse is mistreating your child or having an affair is to catch them in the act. A good private investigator will understand how to discretely conduct surveillance on your husband or wife and will provide you with a thorough report of what they find out
  • Interviewing relevant people: from witnesses to mistresses, if your husband or wife is cheating on you or abusing your child there is usually someone that knows about it or at least suspects it. A private investigator can talk to them and get information that might be integral to proving whether or not your spouse is abusing your child or cheating on you

Whatever the justice system says about Justin Ross Harris, the sad fact is that his young son will never get his life back. If you think your husband or wife is neglecting or abusing your child, call upon a dependable private investigator to get confirmation before it is too late.

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August 1, 2014
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