Are Drones The Future Of Private Investigative Services?

Drones are defined as aircraft operated without a human pilot aboard. They're best known for their role in military operations, but in the past few months they have been in the news because of reports that Amazon is planning on using these non-manned aircrafts to deliver orders to customers. Imagine our surprise when we read a recent Washington Times article by Cheryl K. Chumley, reporting on how drones are being used by private investigators for surveillance to make their work more efficient.

In the article, multiple New York-based private investigators say that they have been able to successfully use drones to help find crucial evidence for their clients. Private investigator Matthew Seifer, for example, reported that he was able to fly a drone over Central Park to find evidence that a client's husband was cheating on her with another woman. Using drones for surveillance reasons could be extremely beneficial for private investigators and their clients that want to collect evidence as safely as possible.

Drone Or Not, Private Investigative Surveillance Must Be Efficient

Of course, the widespread use of drones by private investigators and major companies like Amazon is still some time away. Most private investigators rely on traditional devices like vehicles, binoculars, cameras and their own two eyes to conduct surveillance operations. For this reason, it is important that your private investigator has sufficient skill and experience with conducting surveillance on the right subjects. Your private investigator should be able to:

  • Discretely perform a surveillance operation: The ability to follow someone or take pictures of them without them knowing is a skill that takes some experience to master. If your subject finds out that you have hired a private investigator to track them, it could put a serious damper on your relationship with that person and lead to an unpleasant or dangerous confrontation during or after the surveillance.
  • Use the right technology: Even if your private investigator does not use drones to track your subject, they can get the evidence you need by using cameras and video cameras to get obtainable evidence of your surveillance target. It is important that your private investigator has the tools that are necessary to capture sufficient evidence and the know-how to use his or her equipment.
  • Collect and document evidence properly: If you are hiring a private investigator for help with a California divorce or child custody case, it is important that your investigator understands how to keep the evidence that they gather in order so that you can use it in the courtroom.

Finding The Best Private Investigator For Surveillance

To retain the services of a capable private investigator, make sure that you talk to them about your needs. Most reliable private investigators will give you a free consultation, during which you can tell them about the nature of the surveillance work that you require. They should be able to give you a concise plan of action that describes how they will conduct surveillance and retrieve the evidence that you are looking for. At Linked Investigations in Orange County California, Mike Garroutte explains the different challenges in varied surveillance assignments based on factors like time of day, traffic, urban and sub-urban business and residential districts or geographic area. "The differences in conducting surveillance in New York and Los Angeles are significant". Most of the situations that people call us to discuss have a component within them that shows only surveillance can uncover. If there are any other options to achieve success in your particular situation, the better private investigators will recognize this and discuss any viable options to best suit your needs. If you are simply hearing price quotes and upsell techniques from a Private Investigator, you may want to reconsider them and try someone else.

No matter what type of technology an investigator is using, they still must have a certain degree of skill at their craft to get the evidence you need and the expertise that only comes with decades of this type of case experience. Whether you are suspicious of employees that work for you, a spouse that might be cheating, or a caretaker that could be neglecting your children, a quality private investigator will most likely use surveillance techniques to get to the bottom of your case.

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August 1, 2014
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