Are you being wiretapped, tracked or electronically harassed? Part 2

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Do you worry that you are being followed? This could be as the result of a marriage or business deal gone bad. Every situation is unique. There is usually a history involved that only you understand. In some domestic disputes people will stop at nothing to win or harass you. The same can be true of negative business dealings or competitors trying to obtain an unfair edge and ruin your business. Business partners spy on each other's activities regularly.

Other scenarios that may result in your being followed include :

  • Criminal and civil matters involving aggressive and unethical prosecutors, investigators and others.
  • Political campaigns and competition are leading areas for illegal wiretapping and surveillance.
  • Investigative reporters and paparazzi have been known to conduct all of these activities.

You might be the victim of harassing surveillance services

Surveillance services are performed on a regular basis to stalk, harass and gain private information for the purpose of embarrassing someone or causing them a variety of troubles. Surveillance can be effective using any number of agents on foot or in vehicles. Many investigators have access to personal aircraft such as helicopters and small airplanes. They even advertise this for business. It's a spy's game to them - but it's not a game to you.

Sometimes, when we have been involved in a difficult situation, have been threatened, or feel threatened, we believe any unusual activity around us is related to that previous uncomfortable situation or threat. This can get out of hand and a scenario of over-thinking, overreacting, and/or feeling persecuted and fearful can result. If you have reached this point, it might be time to hire a private investigator to listen to your suspicions, and to use counter surveillance services to identify whether or not you are correct.

All it takes is the occasional off-handed comment or unusual action from an individual to make you ask yourself "how did that person know that private or personal bit of information?" "Is someone spying on me?" You cannot separate the false alarms from the true threats.

If you aren't careful, this can cause you to become obsessive, and everything around you can feel wrong. When you hire a professional private investigator, you can have it all looked into and finally find some relief.

We remove electronic devices that spy on you.

There is authentic equipment that detects various types of electronic eavesdropping devices as well as hidden cameras and other covert electronics that emit radio frequency signals. This equipment is very expensive and must be used by a professional to be effective.

Please be aware: Almost all of the electronic countermeasures equipment sold to the general public, and represented as being effective in discovering and uncovering of electronic eavesdropping devices and covert cameras DOES NOT WORK.

You need to engage the services of someone you can trust. Someone who has access to the right, professional-grade electronic eavesdropping detection. As licensed private investigators, we can be hired as a neutral party. We have searched for and found hidden tracking devices, eavesdropping equipment, hidden cameras and other covert electronic devices that emit a wide range if RF signals (Radio Frequency Signals) and their sources of origin, for over three decades.

Hiring the right professionally licensed private investigator that has over three decades of experience, and access to the proper equipment, can be helpful. In addition to checking for covert devices, we can conduct counter surveillance for you to determine whether you are being followed by anyone. This can get tricky with the advent of GPS trackers that enable physical surveillance to start and stop and start again, thus making detection of surveillance more difficult. We are experts at counter surveillance. We can detect this, prove it and confront the offenders to put an end to it.

Don't let your fears overtake your life. Uncover the truth so you can live without continuously looking over your shoulder

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a licensed private investigator that has been helping people protect themselves for many years. He will help get rid of the problem and when you are a client of his he will spend time with you and give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your privacy.

You are welcome to and encouraged to Contact Us to learn more about our private investigative services, for an assessment and a price quote. Our conversations are completely confidential, protected and legal. You can also contact Mike Garroutte directly:

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May 1, 2013
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