Are You Living In A Torture House? Hire A Private Investigator to Check a Property's History!

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Many people enjoy the benefits of renting a home or apartment: someone else is responsible for the maintenance, they are free to move once their lease is up, and in many cases it can be cheaper than buying a home. However, renting is a process that you must approach with some caution. It may be prudent to check a property's history. Consider the unfortunate case of Catrina McGhaw, a Missouri woman who got much more than she bargained for when she moved into a new home in the Ferguson area of St. Louis County.

Want to Check a Property's History? Private Investigative Services can Help

McGhaw signed a lease to move into her new home on March 1st. For the first few months, everything was fine and she was very happy with her rental home. However, upon being tipped off by a friend about a serial killer documentary, McGhaw learned that her house had previously been owned by Maury Troy Travis, a suspected serial killer who committed suicide in 2002 after being charged with two murders. CBS News reported that Troy was a suspect in more than 20 murders. Several of Travis? victims were tied up in the rental home's basement, and furniture that was a part of the crime scene was still in the house when McGhaw moved in.

Once she found out about the ghastly situation, McGhaw called her landlord and asked to get out of the lease. Her landlord would not budge, and eventually it came to light that the landlord was actually Travis? mother. McGhaw appealed to the St. Louis Housing Authority, which ruled that she could move out at the end of July.

Why You Should Hire A Private Investigator To Research People Involved In Home Renting

So how can a private investigator help prevent you from experiencing a situation like Catrina McGhaw?s? There are several ways:

  • Complete background check services: had McGhaw run a thorough background check on her landlord, she might have been able to find out that the landlord was related to a suspected mass-murderer. Complete background checks can also help you make sure that your prospective roommates are not criminals and/or that your landlords do not have a history of bad deeds. Renting from private parties requires extra diligence on your end.
  • Surveillance work: do you suspect that something is going on at your rental home when you are not there? Maybe your landlord is entering the property illegally or your roommates are violating the terms of your lease. Whatever the case may be, a private investigator can help you ensure that no wrongdoing is happening at your rental property
  • Investigative services: are you looking to build a legal case against a landlord or current or former roommate that has done you wrong? A private investigator can help you by interviewing key people involved in the case, finding witnesses to make sure they show up to testify, and organizing evidence that could potentially be used in your case so that you have a better chance of success in the courtroom

There is no reason that you should have to live in a place that could be dangerous or deal with people that might be breaking the law. Be sure that you hire a capable private investigator with plenty of experience that can make sure your landlord and roommates are on the up and up.

A private investigator could have saved Catrina McGhaw from spending months living in a serial killer's former torture den: think of what a skilled private investigator could do for you. Contact Linked Investigations if you think you have a unique situation and feel our investigative services can be of assistance. Give us a call at 714-432-9911 or email us at

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August 1, 2014
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