Code Red Smartphone App That Helps to Locate People

People looking to locate a person who has gone missing will seize on any lead they can find. The digital age has increased the means of finding missing persons, with investigative professionals quick to apply the benefits of new inventions and technological breakthroughs, although there remains a place for traditional investigative techniques.

One of the newest examples of a high-tech process that can be used to locate people quickly is the Code Red smartphone app.

Need to Locate People? There's an app for that! Code Red Smartphone App.

A recent news story about a smartphone app highlighted the way in which mobile technology can aid the investigative process. The Code Red app, when used by local police, can alert cell phone or tablet users in the vicinity about suspects or missing persons instantly and effectively. If adopted by communities across the US, it could make locating lost relatives or missing witnesses less arduous. It also adds a new tool to the armory of the specialist investigators, the professionals who can devote more time to locate a person than hard-pressed police departments.

Background investigations are key when you need to locate a person who has been missing for longer.

Private investigators assigned to a missing persons case have a wide range of techniques at their disposal, ranging from established contact networks and witness interviews to the latest digital footprint analysis. Each missing person case is unique, but experienced PIs will have a keen sense of which investigative avenues are likely to prove most fruitful.

Complete background checks can often reveal hidden information that can help to locate a person. Secret bank accounts, secondary addresses, social media activity, even internet forum posts can offer vital clues to a trained investigator. In the digital age, people leave more traces than in the past, but it takes an experienced investigator to sort out the vital information from the chaff.

Searches for biological parents or siblings often involve trawling though databases or local government records, but investigations can be more complex than mere data searches. Locating missing persons usually involves combining online research with more direct, time-tested investigative procedures. Online searches are limited, and dependent on precise data input. Experienced investigators have developed a more nuanced approach to locating their targets.

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Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, has over 30 years experience of locating missing persons, incorporating the latest technology as it has developed. A free consultation will outline an investigative approach to suit the case. Whether someone you love has gone missing recently, or you are interested in reconnecting with family members, friends, or former lovers, our investigative services are fast, effective, and competitively priced.

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August 1, 2013
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