Have You Hugged Your Orange County Private Investigator Today?

Believe it or not, a good private investigator isn't all about the darker, and more sinister, sides of life. Sure, we work our fair share of cheating spouse and surveillance cases. But, we are also happy to serve the public using a variety of investigative services that work towards the greater good. Here are some of the positive things we do to help your world become a better place.

Hire an Orange County Private Detective When You Need:

Pre-employment Screening. Want to save your business a ton of time, hassle and money? Start using a licensed private investigator for pre-employment screening. Let's face it, high employee turnover is costly. By making a small investment in pre-employment screening services, you can hire the right people, at the right price, and do your best to ensure their qualifications are genuine. Things to consider:

  • Complete Background Check
  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • Education/Certification History

Verifying these four "little" application facts can make a big difference in who you spend time interviewing, hiring, and training. You'd be surprised how dishonest many people are on their applications. Eliminating them now is worth it.

Asset Search California. Speaking of helping you run a more efficient business, have you considered running an asset search on prospective business partners and/or investors? We can let you know whether or not a partnership is a financially sound idea. Our asset search can tell you everything you need to know about liens, titles, property, pending litigation, alimony and child support payments, outstanding debts, etc., which may help to paint a more accurate portrait of the individual(s) you are about to become partners with.

Caregiver Screening. Elder abuse is a growing problem in this nation. Even though some of the more reputable caregiver agencies say they perform a complete background check, they usually don't do a thorough job. Even if you hire a caregiver through a respected agency, it's a good idea to do a complete background check on your own. They are very affordable, and will make sure you have done all you can to put the care of your loved ones into trustworthy hands.

Need to Hire a Nanny? Before you hire a nanny, make sure you know their criminal record history is clear. Just like professional elder care services, your nanny placement agency might not have provided as thorough of a background search as they advertised. Don't take their word for it. Our professional background search will help you to know whether or not your nanny's criminal and work history is as clear as they listed on their application.

Hire a Private Investigator in Orange County

Need to hire a private investigator in Orange County? Contact Linked Investigations. Let our professional investigative services help to make YOUR world a little better. We'll even throw in a free hug if you want us to!

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations has been an Orange County Private Investigator since 1982. We know our way around, and have built our business with superior customer service, exceptional investigative services, and competitive prices.

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April 1, 2013
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