Need a Coach National Background Check?

Public awareness has dramatically increased regarding the need to perform criminal background checks on coaches working with children and teenagers. Background checks have become standard operating procedure in most regions, with some states clarifying associated policies legislatively. ESR News recently reported that California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 465 into law, providing a standard statewide authorization for coach national criminal background check on volunteer coaches. The law also allows for notification of any arrests after the background check.

Typical Criminal Background Checks Have Their Limitations

The protection a complete background check offers is only as good as the quality of the national criminal background search itself. The typical Internet-based criminal background searches, even legitimate, professional services, often don't produce complete records. All local, state and federal criminal records aren't recorded in a single, unified database. Wide differences exist in information management and recording practices, as well as access policies. Some counties don't make their records available online. A typical criminal record search may be fine for many industries to use with applicants already supported by great personal and professional references. However, it's not the best choice when kids are involved. Incomplete, erroneous information could have devastating consequences.

Child Predators Are Different.

Numerous high profile cases have shown that many child predators seek out positions of access and trust, working in schools, as therapists and, yes, as coaches. They are adept at manipulating children, adults, circumstances and, of course, their own image. Skilled at hiding their past, including arrests and convictions, some slightly adjust the spelling of their name, change a number or two in their birth date or social security number, tweaking their information just enough to avoid a search hit, or to enable plausible deny-ability with an unfortunate coincidence claim. Others create completely new identities.

Using a trained investigator to conduct a national criminal background check will produce more thorough, reliable results. An experienced investigator is accustomed to uncovering information others are actively trying to conceal.

Hire a California Private Investigator When In-Depth Quality Counts

If your organization uses volunteer or paid coaches for youth sports programs, contact Mike Garroutte, of Linked Investigations, for a free consultation. A California private investigator with over three decades of experience, Garroutte specializes in high quality, in-depth national criminal background search techniques.

He has the professional experience and specialized skills to help keep your organization's children safe, providing criminal background reports based on information that is as accurate and complete as possible.

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August 1, 2013
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