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San Francisco and the Bay Area's surrounding cities are dynamic and diverse. Who would know this more than a private investigator in San Francisco, one who conducts surveillance and other tasks for clients in the city and suburbs.

While this unique city is pretty fast paced for the most part, you have more relaxed areas like Marin and Sonoma in the North Bay. The South Bay areas, even as far down as Saratoga and Los Gatos, are a wonderful mixture of business and pleasure.

The East Bay area is about as diverse as any area in California, Including Los Angeles County and San Diego County, way down South. You need a private investigator in San Francisco, someone who knows the area, knows the state, as well as any private investigator.

If you are searching for a professional and discreet private investigator that serves the Bay Area we are most likely a great fit. Our main office is now based in Southern California, but we got our start in the Bay area.

Serving clients as a private investigator in the Bay area is only part of our geographic. We serve clients in Northern, Central and Southern California regularly.

Linked Investigations conducts field work, more efficiently than other private investigators in San Francisco. We conduct surveillance, contact people, interview witnesses and perform numerous tasks for various reasons, all over our state. We have conducted thousands of surveillances in California.

Our clients make requests which include travel to other states. These requests for investigative services vary, but normally have us confirming the activity of employees while on travel, spouses suspected of an extra-marital affair, individuals involved in litigation or criminal cases, locating a person, and documenting all types of information that is of interest to our clients. We provide private consultations by phone, that give you a clear idea of what we can do for you and how much the service will cost.

Anyone considering an asset search, background check, or needing to find someone, or for any other on-line search service, should know that good computer data base searches cover not only local areas and statewide records, but are national in most of their coverage areas. Our most common requests include :

We offer comprehensive searches and follow-up tailored to fit your unique requirements. We are an accomplished private investigator in the San Francisco Bay Area. We encourage you to view our Investigative services page to get an idea of the types of private investigative services we offer and excel at.

To contact us, click on the button below to be directed to a contact us page. You are also welcome to call us directly at one of the numbers on this page.

Bay Area Private Investigator

For Private Investigative services people and businesses need in the Bay Area, a good private investigator in San Francisco can be of great value. If your priorities are quality service and real results, we encourage you to visit our website and contact Mike Garroutte, personally at the phone numbers or email addresses provided.

Mike Garroutte, the owner of Linked Investigations in Orange County, California, has been a private investigator in California since 1982. His diverse experience with people in a wide range of circumstances, in all types of cases, has afforded him the skill to produce exceptional, proven results.

Our computer searches are second to none. Our surveillance services are much more successful than the private investigative companies available to the public in most areas.

Contact us today for a complimentary and private consultation. We will be happy to provide you with options, our fee schedule and our availability.

Remember to check out any private investigator you might consider, before you hire them.

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November 1, 2012
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