The Facts of Life in Divorce - from a Private Investigator.

Infidelity Investigator

If you are faced with infidelity, a possible divorce, or have already begun the divorce process, I have some strong suggestions for you.

Before you make a move or give your spouse warning of your intentions, you should consult with a professional private investigator and a Certified Family Law attorney.

The best private investigators don't charge for your initial consultation, whether by telephone or in person.

Some good Family Law Attorneys and law firms will accept potential clients for a free consultation, as long as they get a referral from a private investigator or other professional. There should not be a kick-back to the referrer for this service, but many still do get kickbacks. We do not.

The way we refer our clients to the best attorneys is first, through having personal knowledge of that attorney's practice and professionalism. We recommend the right attorney for our client's situation and particular needs. Depending on various factors such as whether child custody is an issue, or if you have extended property and other assets or if violence is involved.

Infidelity private investigators can get information for you or your competent attorney to use in the best way possible.

  • Information is empowering and you should be well informed before you go off halfcocked. You may very well re-assess your situation and move more swiftly or in a different direction, once you have our inside information.
  • Having good intelligence is important and you never need to disclose that you have the information should you choose.
  • No one needs to know you've hired a private investigator, unless you want them to. What we do is legal.  You don't have to worry about us getting you into trouble.
  • You may not know the laws surrounding private investigations and what you are allowed to do and not allowed to do. We will guide you in the right direction, do it right and impress you with the results we get for you.

If you are involved in an on-going divorce proceeding and have dates approaching that you need to be prepared for, you should seriously evaluate your position and consult with a private investigator. Whether by using surveillance services, enhanced computer services for Background or Asset Search work or any of our vast investigative services to fit your situation, we'll explain the importance of some information and the unimportant information as well. This saves you money and time.

A private investigator who has assisted thousands of clients with their divorces in Orange County, California, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Orange County Private Investigators, Private investigators in Orange County and Private Investigators in Los Angeles are a good fit geographically for most cases in Southern California. They can usually take sensitive casework in other areas in the country as well.

At Linked Investigations, private investigative services in Costa Mesa, California, we believe in a straight forward approach with our clients and our cases alike.

We offer free consultations and stay in touch with our clients in order to maintain the best communication between us. This provides both parties, you and us, with a clear understanding that enables us to be the most flexible and adaptable to accomplish your goals and minimize any potential problems.

  • Document abusive situations; alcohol, drugs, physical.
  • Monitor your interactions with them for safety and documentation.
  • Determine whether your ex-spouse is living with someone.
  • Conduct surveillance on them to learn what's going on.
  • Run Criminal Background Check.
  • Investigate people who are around you ex or your children.

What are typical issues involving infidelity, or divorce for any number of reasons?

Before you leap off into oblivion with no real proof or evidence of infidelity or other misdeeds in your marriage, you should investigate the signs of infidelity. True, you may already know what's going on and quite frankly, most of the time it is not the first occurrence of marital infidelity.

Read our Special Report on the signs your spouse might be cheating by clicking the image.

Family Law Attorney

If you are pleased with your attorney, that's good. Hopefully, you are being represented by council that knows Family Law inside and out. If you don't have assets and don't have children to fight over, then you can get by with a good attorney even if they are not a certified Family Law Specialist.

  • Do you know if your attorney has thought of everything?
  • Has your attorney used the information you have provided?
  • Does your attorney listen to you and take your suggestions?

We can offer you more ideas and direction while keeping you focused in the best, most effective direction for you. Contact Linked Investigations any time for a free and private consultation. Mike Garroutte is a state licensed private investigator, who specializes in infidelity, divorce, catch a cheating spouse and in depth computer based background searches. Surveillance is our specialty.

Be careful that you hire a real, licensed private investigator with experience as an infidelity investigator, one who is honest and has a clean record. Click the image below and you will be directed to the State of California's website where you can check on any private investigator.

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November 1, 2012
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