Happy New Year & Hello Fiscal Cliff! Is your hiring status affected?

Ah - the dreaded "Fiscal Cliff." As much as we hear about the impending doom of the fiscal cliff, it's important to remember that nothing happens within the first 24 hours, or even the first 124 hours. Our legislators have a month or two to work out a deal that benefits the majority of our country, without anything drastic taking effect. In the meantime, what does this mean for your business in terms of new hires in 2013? This is the perfect time to hone your "Smart Hiring" skills so you are able to hire the best and most qualified employees for your available positions. Your fiscal cliff may be the one that ensues after too much time and money is going down the "poor applicant pool" drain.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the fiscal cliff deal won't help the labor market, as per the economists. They say that with increasing payroll taxes, and the lack of overall spending that pay cut will create, there will be a lack of demand for new products and services, hence companies will not be inclined to hire new employees. However, for those companies who do need to hire, smart hiring practices have never been more important. You don't have the time, energy, or extra resources drained by high employee turnover. If you have had problems hiring quality employees in the past, 2013 is the year to wise up and start hiring better people. That means, start using smart hiring practices.

Hire a Los Angles Private Investigator for Your Pre-Employment Screening

Have you considered how a licensed Los Angeles private investigator can help your company conduct an efficient and streamlined hiring process? Whether you choose to have a private investigator on board from start to finish, or use specific investigative services to verify prospective employees' backgrounds, a private investigator can help you hire honest employees with a proven educational, training, and/or employment background. Here's how:

Complete Background Checks. A complete background check can help to affirm that an potential employee is honest on his/her application. You would be amazed at how many people are dishonest about their diplomas, educational background, or honors received. They are often dishonest about previous employment positions, using friends or relatives as fake "references." If they are lying before they even get the job, just imagine what they are capable of after they are hired. Using a Los Angeles private investigator can help to make sure your Southern California business is only interviewing individuals who have been honest in their applications.

National Criminal Background Check. It can be difficult to obtain a job with a criminal record which is why many applicants will neglect to fill out that portion of the application. While some employers are willing to give applicants with a criminal record a second chance, there are some situations where that is impossible. Employers can be liable for their employees behavior on the clock, or in regards to private information or security access they have been given as the result of their position with your company. Failure to prove you ran a credible national background check can result in serious consequences for you and/or your business. If your company needs to have employees with a clean record, a national criminal background check is the only way to make sure they applicants are being honest.

Interview Process. Interviewing prospective employees is incredibly time consuming which means it is also costing your company valuable dollars. Who is conducting the interviews? Are they experienced? Can they tell when someone is lying? Are they consistent in their interviewing practices? Do they know what it is legal and illegal to ask prospective candidates? Using a private investigator to help with the interview process can be an excellent way to protect your business' best interests. We can record or video tape the interviews so there is evidence of good hiring practices, we can help to streamline the interview question process, and we can use the information we have obtained via our background checks and criminal records searches to further question interviewees.

If you are ready to begin hiring new employees for 2013, don't let the fiscal cliff - or the tedium of the hiring process - steer you away from finding the right candidates. Hire a Los Angeles private investigator and watch how easy, and accurate, your hiring process can become.

Mike Garroutte has worked as a Los Angeles and Orange County private investigator since 1982. He is an experienced corporate private investigator who understands how to find the right employees for your business. Contact Linked Investigations for more information on how you can streamline your hiring process to acquire the best employees for the job.

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January 1, 2013
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