Joan Rivers will be missed and the investigation continues

Was Joan Rivers Victimized By Negligent Doctors?

Joan Rivers was a legendary personality in Hollywood, well known for her cutting wit and strong opinions on the fashion world. The 81-year-old actress and comedian passed away recently after going into cardiac arrest following a voluntary procedure. At first, little was known about the circumstances of Rivers? death: it was presumed that she had passed away as a result of an unfortunate reaction to the procedure. Recently, however, new details have emerged that paint a very suspicious picture about the events that lead to the death of Joan Rivers.

On September 16, CNN reported that Rivers? doctor at Yorkville Endoscopy, a gastroenterology clinic on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, allowed the actress? personal physician to perform a biopsy without her permission. Dr. Lawrence Cohen, who at the time was the medical director of the clinic, had already finished his procedure when he allowed her personal doctor to perform an unplanned biopsy. That doctor, whose name is not being released to the public, allegedly took a selfie photograph while in the operating room before beginning Rivers? biopsy. Some sources believe that Rivers? cardiac arrest was a reaction by her body to the biopsy, one that lead to her death on August 29,2014.

The Fallout From Joan Rivers? Death

According to the New York Daily News, Dr. Cohen was no longer with Yorkville Endoscopy as of Friday, September 12. On September 16, entertainment news outlet Radar Online reported that Melissa Rivers, Joan's daughter, planned on filing lawsuits against Yorkville Endoscopy. At this stage it is difficult to tell whether or not Dr. Cohen or Joan Rivers? personal doctor was guilty of negligence or malpractice. However, what is known is that Rivers? case is the perfect type to be investigated by a skilled private investigator.

How A PI Can Uncover Negligence

If you believe that you or someone close to you has suffered as a result of doctors, nurses, babysitters, or other professionals that are entrusted to care for other people, it is critical that you get to the bottom of this situation. One way to find out for sure whether or not a caretaker has been mistreating or neglecting someone is to hire a private investigator like the experienced agents at Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, Ca.

Private investigators are capable of taking several steps to help discover negligent practices like the ones that Joan Rivers? doctor stands accused of.

  • Complete background check services: If you are looking to discover the truth about any kind of caretaker, a background check can be very critical. These services can help you find out if someone has a history of abuse or negligence that may have resulted in cilvil litigation or criminal prosecution and revocation or suspension of their license - if they had a related license to begin with.
  • Witness interviews: If someone was present or nearby when a negligent or abusive act took place, it is possible that they have critical information that ties the suspect to this activity. A capable private investigator in southern California can talk to these witnesses and get their story, which can help clarify what really happened.
  • Courtroom testimony: not only will the private investigators at Linked Investigations document their evidence and provide it to the client's attorney, they will also present this evidence to a judge or jury so that justice can be served in the legal system.

If you are suspicious about a case of negligence, whether it is on the part of a doctor or other type of professional, hire a reputable, licensed private investigator to help you find the truth about what really went on.

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September 21, 2014
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