Private Investigative Services Aren't Just For the Rich and Famous!

Think private investigative services are only for the rich? Not so! Simply put, just about everyone can benefit from the services of a licensed private investigator at one point or another. Television shows and movies usually glamorize the work of private investigators, which means our clients often have the wrong idea about what a PI actually does. Many people assume that hiring a private investigator is a luxury only the rich and famous can afford, or that the only thing we know how to do is perform surveillance services that lead to high speed car chases. Neither fact is 100% accurate.

Private Investigators Use Surveillance Services and Then Some

While we do use surveillance services, our work also comes from more straight forward private investigative services such as background checks and asset searches. While some elite private investigators work solely for the rich and famous, others work with a wide variety of clientele and are always willing to tailor their services in respect to the clients' budget.

If you have ever wondered exactly what a private investigator does, or how our private investigative services can be used to benefit your business or private life, the following blog post is a brief over view of the types of investigative services we use on a regular basis.

Hire a Los Angeles Private Investigator for Peace of Mind

Investigations can be conducted with disarming subtlety or with the severest of questioning. The exact situation and the people involved determine which course of action will be most effective.

You can rely on our private investigation firm and its experienced private detectives to accurately judge these investigation situations and, ultimately, to get the job done. Confidentiality and discretion are also important in these matters. Depend on us to always have your best interests in mind whenever we conduct an investigation.

While, surveillance services aren't always necessary, they are often the most important weapon in our arsenal when it comes to uncovering the evidence, or getting the answers, our clients need. There are any number of reasons for a company or individual to require surveillance on an individual.

Cheating Spouses

Knowing that there is a problem is the first step in resolving a troubled marriage. Our expert team will discreetly monitor your situation and record any unusual encounters. Of course, our team of licensed professionals also understands the need for discretion in these matters. If you feel our surveillance services will help you catch a cheating spouse, we will make sure to use the utmost discretion and will only follow the subject at the most likely times they will be cheating. This keeps our services affordable.

Child Custody Cases

Our investigators are superb at documenting the improper behavior of a custodian, running background checks to ensure the adults in your child's life are safe to be around, and skilled at tracing the whereabouts of a missing child. Personal interviews with friends, neighbors and relatives often provide valuable clues in these cases, however, it takes a savvy and skilled professional to yield results. We can also use surveillance and asset search services to prove a parent is working when they say they aren't, or have assets they didn't reveal during the child custody hearings.

Insurance Fraud

We admit it. There is something positively satisfying about photographing a person lifting a 50 pound bag of cement while they are out on disability for a hurt back. Trust us to authoritatively document these cases with numerous photos and notes. Think you are the victim of insurance fraud? Our private investigative services can help.

Accident Investigation

Every accident has two sides to it. Police and accident reports can provide leads in determining fault. Aggressively interviewing any outside witnesses can be an invaluable aid in claims disputes.

Legal Proceedings

Much like the above, testimony can be cast in many lights. The district attorney has the police department available to question potential witnesses. Our skilled investigators can provide the same service on your behalf.

Industrial Espionage

This form of malfeasance is more common than one imagines. Everyday, company employees steal lucrative clients and appropriate proprietary information. The prudent company recognizes the needs to protect its assets by ensuring complete confidentiality of its information. Our company can provide the proper documentation to fire dishonest or deceitful employees. Corporate investigative services can be exactly what you need to relive growing pains as you expand your business, get to the bottom of high employee turnover rates, or to hone your pre-employement screening services.

The Solution - Linked Investigations

There is no avoiding the fact that, in many cases, engaging a private investigator is heart wrenching. Especially when a spouse or a business owner finds that their trust has been misplaced. In other cases, negligence, outright fraud or criminal activity is being perpetrated, in which case finding the evidence and resolving the situation is highly satisfying. professionally executed surveillance and other private investigative services is the surest way to guarantee this outcome.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, has worked as a Los Angeles Private Investigator for more than 30 years. Our private investigative services are professional, discreet, and competitively priced. Contact us today.

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September 1, 2013
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