Catch a Cheater After a Failed Attempt: Surveillance Take 2!

"Your cheatin' heart - -  will tell on you...," Hank Williams crooned back in 1952. Six decades later, there are innumerable new techniques for how to catch a cheater. Even the modern technology that has made illicit affairs more manageable, like cellphones and the internet, have also made it easier to leave incriminating evidence in the form of a revealing email or an explicit text message that didn't get deleted.

Suspect High infidelity? Hire a Cheating Spouse Private Investigator

Not all cheaters get caught - just most of them. Some are too cautious, discreet or plain lucky. In most cases though, serious investigative scrutiny of a straying spouse will reveal the truth sooner rather than later.

Invariably clients have deep-founded suspicions before they consider hiring a cheating spouse private investigator to investigate a partner. Sadly, those suspicions are usually well-founded. Often, on the first day of surveillance, an experienced PI  will find conclusive evidence of infidelity. Occasionally though, an initial investigation will fail to uncover any firm conclusions. This does not necessarily mean the partner is not straying. There may be other reasons:

  • The partner knows they are being watched. This could be due to their spouse putting them on their guard by threatening to hire a PI, or by acting suspiciously or anxiously. The best way to help a potential investigation is to keep very quiet about it until the evidence has been collected.
  • The client has instigated an investigation too late, ie, after the illicit relationship has petered out. Understandably people are reluctant to believe the worst of a loved one and may choose to overlook clues or warning signs until the uncertainty becomes too much to bear. If your partner's habits have returned to normal, keep the faith. If they shift again, and you suspect a new affair has begun, remain quiet, hire a surveillance investigator, and come up with a schedule to select the best time for surveillance services to be effective.
  • The investigation is limited by time, budget or the cheater's habits. Sometimes the tried and tested ways how to catch a cheater are not immediately effective and other avenues have to be explored. A good investigator will inquire about your budget ahead of time, ask specific questions to narrow your partner's work, exercise, and social habits, and choose the most optimal windows for surveillance, in order to keep his services affordable.

The next step

Failure to find conclusive evidence of cheating amounts to good news and bad news. While there may not be clear proof of cheating spouse, it does not mean that your spouse isn't cheating. In these cases, it often pays to alter the angle of investigation, look at different possibilities, or change the timings of surveillance. The initial investigation's findings will suggest other particular areas to pursue.

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September 1, 2013
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