Spyware Hidden Devices and the Private Investigator

Spyware Hidden Devices?

Being Spied On?

Call them what you like, listening devices, tape recorders, covert electronic eavesdropping devices, hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, computer spyware, key logger programs, smart phone applications that listen in, take pictures or video of you and can forward messages to the spy's phone or other computer; We can find the bugs, inform you and get rid of the spyware hidden devices.

The technology changed many years ago and continues to adapt with the fast paced electronics industries. Criminals have adapted too and although the basics are pretty much still the same; Cheat someone else to make money or gain the unfair or illegal advantage, the methods and access to steal and spy on victims continues to improve.

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

Along with the evolving technology, the electronic devices, computer spy software and the methods of electronic harassment, private investigators like the experts at Linked Investigations have remained along the leading edge to provide relief to victims of black-hat methods.

We maintain relationships with experts in various fields relative to our business. After three decades as a private investigator we know our business well and take care of our clients no matter what their situation requires. Come to us with your problem and we'll take care of it or point you in the right direction.

Much of the technology used to spy in the private sector was developed by private contractors for defense contracts with government agencies and the military. Many of the companies who develop very good spy technology also sell this technology to other wholesalers or directly to the public. Sometimes this is done in direct conflict with their proprietary or confidential agreements. Sometimes business partners or employees steal the technology from their employer and set-up their own company.

Many new means of spying are stolen via espionage and re-sold all in the name of the dollar. Generally, the very best spy equipment is a couple of steps ahead of the private sector publicly available equipment. The best equipment is not easy to find and is usually very expensive and often illegal to use in the private sector. This does not stop people from using it though.

We can detect the most sophisticated electronic spyware and eavesdropping equipment used publicly. This requires very expensive and sensitive equipment. It also requires a real expert who knows how to properly use his equipment. We have been uncovering and getting rid of sophisticated as well as some pretty basic spy devices for many years.

If you feel you may benefit from a free consultation with a licensed private investigator, please contact us through this site or by calling us directly at 877-464-5374. Mike Garroutte is a long-time licensed private investigator in California and the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California.

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September 1, 2013
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