Could a Complete Background Check Have Saved Michael Jackson?

A rather stunning fact has cropped up in the court proceedings surrounding the wrongful death of King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Multiple news sources, including this article by CNN, report that nobody ran a complete background check on Doctor Conrad Murray, the physician hired by industry giant AEG Live, LLC. to care for Jackson while on tour.

What?!? Here is a musical icon worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and who was known to be both emotionally and physically fragile - and yet nobody thought to do a background check on a man charging $150,000 per month to care for him? That is outrageous. It is an egregious error that may have caused Michael Jackson his life. This is a mainstream, high-profile example of why it is so important to run pre-employment background checks on caregivers and companion service providers.

A complete background check is critical before hiring a caregiver

Had AEG or Jackson though to run a complete background check on Dr. Conrad Murray, they would have learned that Murray was very deep in debt, and was not the successful doctor AEG executive Randy Phillips thought he was. If anyone would have run a thorough pre-employment background check, investigating Dr. Murray's financial and professional history, he would never have been hired.

While Michael Jackson was not a senior citizen, he was an individual who needed the assistance of caregivers and companions to manage his day-to-day affairs. As several individuals close to him have commented, Jackson , "showed strong signs of paranoia, anxiety and obsessive-like behavior." These types of behaviors make one increasingly vulnerable, and are very similar to the types of behaviors demonstrated by seniors and other mentally unstable individuals, who require assistance from caregivers and companions. When their care is placed in the hands of the wrong person, the effects can be devastating.

While the Michael Jackson case is not an example of elder abuse, the actions of Dr. Conrad Murray were unarguably negligible. And, like so many of the elder abuse cases we have seen, the outcome could have been completely different if AEG executives, Michael Jackson, and/or Jackson's family had thought to run a complete background check. His considerable debt alone would have prevented him from being hired.

Hire a Private Investigator to run a complete background check on a caregiver or companion

If you need to hire a caregiver for an elderly relative, or a loved one to is mentally incapacitated, please do your due diligence before placing them in the care of another individual. Going the extra mile to do an in-depth investigation on a prospective caregiver will alert you to their criminal record, public financial records, employment history and references, etc., which can help to paint a more complete picture, and may prevent elder abuse.

Your loved one is vulnerable and while a complete background check isn't a guarantee, they often provide evidence that will make you think twice about hiring a particular caregiver. Linked Investigations is a full service private investigative firm with decades of experience. Hire an Orange County Private Investigator to perform a background check before hiring a caregiver for your family member or loved one.

Taking action now could save the life of someone you love.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed Orange County Private Investigator. He has provided accurate background checks as a part of caregiver pre-employment screening for more than three decades. He can find the information you need quickly and for a competitive price. Contact him at Linked Investigations today.

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May 1, 2013
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