Private Investigators Know What NOT to Do When You Think Your Partner is Cheating

The first thing most people do when they suspect their partner or spouse is cheating is to confront the person right away: “Are you cheating on me?” In the best of a worst-case scenario, the cheater will come clean right away. Most of the time, the person being confronted will deny the accusation and this is when your journey begins. Linked Investigations private investigators know what not to do. Read on!

The things you say and the actions you take from that moment forward are critical to your future ability to make the right decisions for yourself, your partnership, and your family.

3 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Your goal should always be to find out the truth in the most calm and rational way possible. Not only will this help you to keep yourself sane, it will also aid in keeping a more positive and healthy dynamic around the home. The more methodically you pursue the investigation, the sooner you will be able to uncover the truth and begin to find a way forward.

For some of our clients, the way forward means beginning a new life. For others, the way forward is to remain silent about what they found out, armed with the information they need – for the time being. Sometimes, “just knowing” is enough.

Either way, any of the following mistakes can make it almost impossible for you to find out whether your partner is really cheating on you.

  1. Going ballistic at the first hint of infidelity. If our clients’ instincts tell them their partner is cheating, we usually find out they are right, only now they have the evidence they need to confront their spouse once and for all. There are exceptions. Don’t go ballistic at the first potential sign of infidelity. That one-time whiff of another female’s perfume, more-than-normal texting with a co-worker, or a late meeting or two may all have very reasonable explanations. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt to start. If the signs of a cheating spouse seem to occur on a repeat basis, odds are it’s worth asking about. Ask once. Repeated queries, escalated emotions, or full-blown, Hollywood-worthy scenes will only force an affair underground – and may alienate your partner even further if you’re considering reconciliation – making it that much harder to get the evidence you need to support your claim.
  2. Telling your partner you’re hiring private investigators. Egads – don’t do it! This one is so common and can ruin a private investigator’s best weapon against catching a cheater in the act: secrecy! If you tell your mate that you are going to hire a P.I. to find out if he or she is cheating, your partner will be very, very careful – much more careful than they might be otherwise. It goes without saying, this makes our job far more difficult. We recommend that you keep calm and go about your daily life as if everything is normal. This keeps a cheater’s guard down, making it much easier for us to catch him or her in the act. Respect your budget; the more surveillance we have to do, the more expensive your bill will be. If your partner doesn’t suspect he is being watched or followed, we can often get evidence in one or two surveillance sessions, which keeps things affordable.
  3. Confronting the “other.” Of course, it’s tempting to confront the other person involved in the affair. You are understandably angry and hurt, and you want to vent those emotions somewhere else. We assure you that nothing good can come of it. Your self-esteem may be walking on thin-ice at the moment but an emotional altercation with the other person will only cause you to sink to greater depths. It can get you into legal trouble if things get out of hand. Unfortunately, it can backfire, sending your partner in as the “consoler” for the other person – not something you want to encourage!

Do you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful? Contact Linked Investigations licensed private investigators with plenty of field experience. We’ll help you to avoid these three common mistakes so you can improve your chances of getting the evidence you need to know the truth once and for all.

Hiring a licensed private investigator is your best bet if you want solid counsel from a person who is experienced with cheating spouse scenarios, as well as evidence that gets results. We can refer you to the best family law specialists in and around southern California. At no charge!

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Published on: 
September 21, 2015
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