Child Support Enforcement For Deadbeat Dads and Moms - Watch Out!

Are you behind on your child support payments? Watch out! Are you in desperate need for child support enforcement assistance? Then you are in luck! The Herald Record reports that child enforcement crackdowns are becoming increasingly common as special task forces across the nation get serious about Deadbeat Parents who aren't paying their court ordered child support. These task forces are especially dedicated to busting parents who have the means to pay, but don't.

Deadbeat parents owe more than $14 billion

The most recent U.S. Census information reports that out of the more than $35 billion dollars that is due in child support, only about $21 billion is actually paid. This leaves another $14 billion+ that is never collected. Unpaid child support can have a devastating effect on custodial parents or guardians, and the children they are trying to support. Fortunately, in 2010, child support enforcement task forces were able to recoup more than $3.4 billion of these dollar and now, deadbeat parents can be arrested and are forced to spend time in jail, in addition to meeting their unpaid obligations.

Federal Parent Locator Service

These task forces are headed up under the overarching umbrella of the Federal Parent Locator Service. Because the responsibility, ultimately, lies on the individual states, child support enforcement can become more complicated when deadbeat parents leave the state.

Need to locate someone for child support enforcement?

If you need to locate someone for child support enforcement, consider using a private investigator. The information we can obtain will help speed up your case should it be pursued by the Federal Parent Locator Service, or its affiliate agencies at the state social services level. In Orange County, New York, a specialized task force, named Operation Orange County Deadbeats has arrested more than 200 deadbeats, collecting more than millions of dollars in unpaid child support. As publicity has spread regarding this, and other deadbeat child support enforcement task forces, more deadbeat parents have come out of the wood work to repay what they owe to save themselves the public embarrassment.

Got Questions?

Does the non-custodial parent of your children owe you significant back child support? Are they able to pay it? Have you had trouble locating them? If so, we may be able to help. We can use background searches and other investigative services to locate someone and get their current contact information. This information can then be used to help you recoup the child support they owe.

A California Private Investigator can help increase your child support payments

We can also use other investigative services, such as asset searches or surveillance to prove your children's noncustodial makes more than they are claiming to the courts. This is common when parents claim they are unemployed, while working under the table, or have neglected to report assets and accurate financial records to the courts.

Don't let someone else's lack of responsibility compromise the life of your children. Child support enforcement agencies are working hard to take care of people just like you!

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August 1, 2013
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