Divorce and Child Custody

Are you thinking about divorce? Are you already faced with the reality of going down the path that takes us through divorce and out into the single world again? Don't be afraid.

If you have children, the decisions you make can be even more daunting, knowing that you have others, innocent children, relying on your judgment. Are your kids already at risk? Don't be afraid. Do what is right for your family.

You do not have to make a big decision right now. You should however avail yourself of some good legal advice from a Family Law Attorney and speak with an experienced private investigator.

The right private investigator can be your single most important advantage in a divorce, especially where child custody is involved. If you have concerns about custody, finances, property, other assets or the backgrounds of people involved. A private investigator is critical.

The most common mistake people make in these tough times is to do nothing. To make excuses to wait and put-off making the first move. In-action will almost always result in a much more painful and difficult time. You will regret not having done something sooner. Taking advantage of a free and private consultation with a licensed private investigator, will give you empowering knowledge in the most important areas surrounding divorce.

  • Avoid jumping into divorce un-prepared.
  • Don't spend months or years waiting for the other person to file.

Big mistake #1. You are listening to your spouse tell you what will happen, what they will do to you, what they will do with the money, property, the business and other assets. Don't be fearful of their baseless, angry and ignorant claims that they will decide what happens with the children and child custody. They typically say you will get nothing and you will be on the street, alone without your children. That is not true!

If it wasn't so serious and you weren't so affected by all of this control, these types of threatening or intimidating comments might seem ridiculous or funny. It's not funny though and you need to do something proactive. First, you need to educate yourself. You can do this to a degree, in a phone call.

You need privacy. If you feel restricted, as if everything you do may be monitored somehow, just leave the house for a while to call someone. Use a friend's phone if that will make you more comfortable. You may not even want to sit inside your car to have private discussions. Drive to a park, the market parking lot, the beach, stand outside of your car, anywhere you can have privacy.

Call a private investigator to start off with. Most good private investigators know what to do to help. We have done this for many years and have assisted thousands of people in bad situations. We will listen to you and process what you are telling us. We will ask questions and give you options and answers. You have to trust someone.

You can get through the tough times and actually survive to see much happier times. If you continue to put off the inevitable, continue to wait, you are doing no-one a good service. You are missing valuable opportunities and doing the same for your spouse. No one wins if neither of you moves forward.

Those of us who tell the other person to file for divorce, the ones who just wait indefinitely, are already making the biggest mistakes. If you are holding off for the kids' sake, staying in an unhappy marriage for the kids, you are doing them a dis-service.

We can grow so dependent on our marriages that the thought of no longer having the few comforts left, the little things we take for granted until they're going to be taken away, becomes too much to deal with. You are missing the point, not seeing the forest for the trees. You will be much healthier in a healthier environment. A sane environment.

Doing nothing and just giving-in to the stronger personality in the relationship is not beneficial or necessary. Too many people just say "I just want out, you can have everything, I don't care." This you may come to regret later. Sometimes, in some situations, the best thing to do is to leave. Are you sure though?

You owe it to yourself to talk with a private investigator who has been down this road many times with clients in many situations, that can offer you real options and shine some light on the situation. There's no need to do anything more at this time. Just discussing this with the right person can make a tremendously positive difference for you.

We can refer you to more than one Certified Family Law Specialist attorney if you wish and you can learn more about your rights, and based on your specific needs and situation, the right attorney can give a kind of road map outlining how a divorce in your county and state will most likely go.

All of this can and should be done with discretion and you should not tell your spouse your are planning this or have done it already. Never make threats or promises. We will help you.

Child Custody

Do you have children? If so, what are their ages? Your young children would be better off in an environment which provides love and harmony, stability and a sense of security. In divorce we don't always get to maintain all of these preferences, but we can usually choose the most important ones for our children. The rest may take some time to recapture, but it's worth it.

Too many of us are too concerned about whether we can get by with less money and provide for the kids. You need to hear your options from a good private investigator and a good family law attorney. You should not take seriously the statements and claims of your partner, who is probably angry and a control freak.

We can conduct asset searches, background checks, locate property and people. Our on-line computer search services are second to none.

Children are not fooled by a house without a loving, harmonious family. It can cause deep insecurity, depression and other health and behavioral problems. The negative and tense atmosphere is showing them their place in the world and what to expect from others as well as how to treat others.

Above all, you should consider the best environment for your children. In the long run, this will be your greatest accomplishment. Would you rather live a little more simply, but without the drama, or in a house that is not a home?

If you or your spouse is unfit to raise the children at the present time, consideration should be given to allow the better choice parent to have temporary custody of the children until the other parent is better suited to be involved with the children. We can provide insight into these matters, based on over 30 years of private investigative experience.

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April 1, 2013
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