Worried about child custody? A family law investigator can help.

A family law investigator can serve multiple roles if you are headed into a child custody battle, need child support enforcement, or feel your child support payments should be increased. In many cases, hiring a family law investigator before you hire a lawyer can save you from paying for unnecessary legal fees.

In a perfect world, every parent would be able to put their own wants, needs, and issues aside in order to do what is best for their children. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you are in a situation where your ex-spouse, or your children's biological parent or guardian, should not be entitled to custody, you feel your child support payments do not adequately reflect the other parent's income, or you need help with child support enforcement, a family law investigator can help.

How can a child custody investigator help me?

There are several ways a licensed child custody investigator can assist you during your child custody case. Courts are tired of hearing "he said/she said" arguments. In order to make their decisions, they need cold, hard facts. This is where a licensed private investigator can help.

General Surveillance services. There is nothing worse than having to take your child to visit his/her other parent and worrying about their well-being. If your child's parent is engaging in abusive and/or illegal behavior, surveillance services can often get the evidence you need to prove the child's emotional and/or physical safety is threatened. In addition to providing the photo and video surveillance we obtain, we will document any illegal or questionable behavior on their part, and we will provide a professional report that can be submitted as evidence to the courts. We can also serve as an expert witness in your case if the need arises.

Child Custody Surveillance. It is all too common for working adults to make money under the table so they can claim a lower income and reduce their child support payments. In some cases, a parent will claim s/he is unemployed to prevent paying child support altogether. Do you suspect this is the case with your child's parent? If so, a child custody investigator can use surveillance services to verify employment and assist in child support enforcement, or we can provide the evidence the courts need to increase your child support payments. A few pictures and videos of your ex- going to work on a regular basis will be enough evidence to get more child support from a deadbeat parent who is trying to work the system.

Background check. Are you concerned about the people your child will be exposed to when s/he is in the custody of the other parent? We can run a complete background check to verify criminal records, as well as sex offender data bases. A family law investigator can also use a national criminal background check to look into suspicious persons' criminal records. These services can be done quickly and can let you know what type of people your children are being exposed to.

Asset Search. Asset searches can come in handy during child custody disputes as well. We can track property records, public records, DMV records, etc. to trace any assets that are linked, or have been linked to your partner in the past. There are certain cases where we can get access to banking information as well. If your ex is working to hide his/her assets in order to keep the "whole picture" from the court's attention, our asset search services can help to form a paper trail that will tell a different story.

By hiring a family law investigator before you hire a lawyer, you can save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in unnecessary legal fees because we get the evidence you need on the front end. When you meet with your lawyer, you will have the information s/he needs to work through your case more efficiently.

Hire a Los Angeles Private Investigator to get results in your child custody case

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a licensed private investigator in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. His child custody investigative services have taken him all over the state of California and beyond getting the evidence his clients need. Interested in speaking with him about your child custody case? Contact Linked Investigations toll free - 877-464-5374.

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June 1, 2013
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