Want to Catch a Cheating Spouse? There's an App for That!

Mobile Software and Infidelity: There's an App for that?

Smartphones have given people the ability to do some great things; we can hang a picture frame evenly on a wall, request a private car, or find the best restaurant nearby.

Increasingly, however, mobile apps are being used for a more clandestine application: having affairs and catching cheating spouses.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse May Include Quick Clean Shakes & Self-Destructing Messages

A recent piece  by Michelle Cottle in The Atlantic outlines some of the most popular mobile tools available for people who want to cheat on their spouse or catch a cheating spouse.

Some of the most popular examples include :

  • CATE, the Call and Text Eraser, which does exactly what its name implies: allows users to hide calls and texts from particular contacts. It even includes tricky features like the ?quick clean,? which enables users to simply shake their phone to instantly erase correspondence.
  • TigerText, an application that allows users to make their messages self-destruct after a given length of time
  • mSpy, a subscription-based tool that allows users to monitor smartphones and computers, listen in on phone calls, and track the location of mobile devices

Understanding the Rise of Cheating Apps

What does the popularity of all these applications mean? In a followup interview, Cottle says that while cheating spouse apps probably won't make a person who never planned on cheating suddenly change their mind, they might convince someone that already had the inclination to act on it.

On the flip side, Cottle reported that these cheating spouse surveillance apps are being used as a form of couples' therapy after married partners find out that their spouse was previously unfaithful. Listening in on calls or knowing exactly where their partner's phone is can help bring peace of mind, especially if the spouse has already shown a penchant for straying.

The Legal Ramifications

If you are thinking about using one of these apps to investigate your spouse, remember to consider the law. It is illegal to install a surveillance or tracking system on a phone without letting the owner know about it. App companies like mSpy cover themselves by telling users that they are expected to only use their software in legal ways.

Also remember that smartphone evidence gathered illegally about a cheating husband or wife may not be presentable in divorce court. This is especially important for spouses who have been cheated on and are planning to pursue a California Divorce.

An Alternative Choice: Private Investigators

Why hire an Orange County private investigator to help you detect a cheater instead of using an app? There are several reasons:

  • Unlike tracking apps, you don't need your spouse's permission to have a private investigator keep an eye on them. As long as they are in a public place, a PI can conduct surveillance services in Orange County or other places to find out what they are up to
  • The best private investigators understand the law; they know exactly what they can and cannot do, and will avoid getting their clients into a situation where they may face legal action.
  • Unlike evidence gathered from illegally installed smartphone tracking apps, the evidence gathered by a private investigator will be admissible in divorce court. This is valuable for people who want to present evidence of infidelity in court in an attempt to gain child custody in Orange County, for example, if the cheating partner's behavior includes excessive alcohol consumption, driving after drinking, or illegal drug use.

Ultimately, the choice of how to handle a spouse that you believe is cheating is up to you. Apps and technology have their advantages for catching cheaters, but a knowledgeable private investigator will have the instincts, experience, and skills that no application can replicate.

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November 12, 2014
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