5 (almost) Sure Signs of a Cheating Spouse

When clients come to us trying to catch a cheating spouse, all of the warning signs have already come up - and usually more than once. In fact, as our clients begin to list the reasons why they think they're partners are cheating, we can almost fill in all the gaps for them. Catching your cheating spouse is what we do.

The thing is, as unique as we all are, there are plenty of things that are pretty much the same; like the physiology and psychology of cheaters. While cheaters may fall into one of six categories, their behavior often falls into one or more of the following five signs. For a more comprehensive list of cheating spouse signs, you can download our white paper.

5 Common Signs Your Partner is Cheating

  1. They are defensive. Defensiveness is not a good sign. Here's why: when a loving partner is NOT cheating, and they are confronted by a hurt and confused spouse, he or she is usually going to be sad, sympathetic, and reassuring. Finding out you are being cheated on is one of the most devastating betrayals of all. Even if a relationship is deeply troubled, a non-cheating spouse will usually take a less defensive stance, perhaps admit they aren't happy, but reassure you that they aren't cheating. However, when a person has something to hide, they can be incredibly defensive and may make you feel guilty, ridiculous, or downright crazy, rather than the other way around.
  2. Their cell phone is off limits. The world of cell phone technology has really opened the door for cheating partners and spouses to have their cake and eat it too. Gone are the days of hang-up calls on the home phone from the lover, a sure sign something fishy was going on. Now, most cheating wives and husbands have their own personal cell phones, which allow them to send and receive voice mails and text messages that you will never have access to. If your partner seems overly protective of their phone, has changed a password you used to have access to, or leaves the room to take/send/receive calls and texts, it is another sign pointing in the wrong direction.
  3. A renewed obsession with their looks, hygiene, fitness, etc. Okay, so we all go through phases where we diet, hit the gym more, or take a more pro-active stance to improve our physical and emotional well-being. But, this is not the kind of thing we are talking about. You know when your partner's behavior is in alignment with normal "life improvement" stuff and when it seems out of character, or you aren't necessarily reaping the benefits of their improved physical appearance and fitness. In fact, that gym membership they are so attached to - combined with their insistence that this is their "alone time" when you want to join them - may mean the affair is taking place at or around their new favorite mecca - the gym!
  4. They maintain inappropriate relationships. There are times when members of the opposite sex are truly "just friends." They occasionally hang out, or meet for lunch, or whatever. And, there are times where one partner is unhealthily possessive, and over-reacts when these normal, healthy friendships are playing out. That being said, if your partner is continually meeting an old flame, her co-worker of the opposite sex, or the neighbor down the street, etc., for drinks, social dates, or whatever, it's not the healthiest sign. This is especially true if you have expressed your concern, and they are not honoring your relationship or your feelings, which should be the priority at all times.
  5. Their work or lifestyle habits have changed. Remember the days when your partner used to come home in time for dinner? Or when business trips were a very occasional event? Was there a time when running to the store or the bank to run errands took about as long as you would think it should take to run to the bank or store? If things have changed and your partner is coming home late, missing important dates or events, taking increasingly frequent business trips or running to the office on weekends to catch up on work - it might be time to call a professional private investigator and see what's really going on.

A Cheating Spouse Private Investigator Knows Exactly How to Catch a Cheater

If you have read this far, your gut instincts are telling you something is up. If there is one thing we have learned in this business, it's that those gut feelings and suspicions will eventually erode your relationship almost as quick as finding out for sure that your partner is cheating.

A cheating spouse private investigator can use expert surveillance services, tailored to specific times and windows of opportunity when we are most likely to catch your partner in the act of cheating. This concrete proof can help you to get the answers you need to formulate your next steps. We can also use asset search services to look for signs of financial infidelity, which can prove your partner is spending money and time with someone else.

Once you suspect a cheating spouse, and they won't come clean when you confront them, we recommend remaining silent and putting together your plan of action. Most spouses and partners who realize their mate is on to them, will go underground for a while, or stop cheating altogether. But, more often than not, they will pick up an affair where they left off, or start cheating with someone new.

Don't be a victim; take action, find out the truth, and take control of your life once again.

Are you looking to hire a discreet and professional licensed private investigator to catch your cheating spouse? Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, has executed thousands of successful cheating spouse surveillance operations, in addition to using asset searches and other private investigative services to get the evidence his clients needs. Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss your situation and the best course of action. Our services will be specifically designed to meet your needs, in order to make them as affordable as possible.

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September 1, 2013
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