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You are pretty sure you are being cheated on but the prospect of finding out is as uncomfortable as not knowing the truth. Sure. You need an Orange County or Huntington Beach Private Investigator. Chances are;

You Are Being Cheated On

In the thirty plus years I have been conducting private investigations for people who suspect their mate is cheating, a very high percentage revealed their suspicions were correct. That's no joke. By the time a client, you, makes the decision to have a professional private investigator check on their cheating spouse, it's pretty late in the game, usually.

The excuses for putting off the inevitable are as many as the reasons you have to need to know the truth. Simply by stalling, you may be your second worst enemy. Putting off learning the truth may have serious, life-changing consequences.

  • Have you asked yourself what you will do once you know the truth?
  • Are you afraid because you cannot afford get caught checking? After all of the innuendo and accusations & denials, if you get caught spying on your mate, that may just be the reason they use to leave you. They will blame you.
  • Who can you trust to confide in and who can get you the answers discreetly?

Hire an Orange County Private Investigator to Find out the Truth About Cheating

Having been in the business of catching cheaters and liars for many years has its benefits. We routinely navigate these types of cases and give our clients the information and tools they need to feel stronger and move forward with new-found confidence. The truth, and the proof, is often empowering. You need an Orange County or Huntington Beach Private Investigator.

  • Making too many comments to your cheating spouse or threatening to have them followed, can make the situation much worse, much more difficult and complicated. Your discretion is important.
  • You need to have a professional private investigator collect the right evidence to support your claims or suspicions. You could probably use a little guidance and would benefit from the expertise of a long-time private investigator that is licensed and specializes in relationship cases everywhere from catching a cheater to helping with involved child custody issues, restraining orders, enforcement of court orders and more. The list of services we provide is seemingly endless and makes a huge difference. We explain it all to you for free, zero, zip. We will wish you luck and be on our way. Should you choose to use our top-of-the-line services, we'll impress you. You will find peace of mind.

Important tip: You must be as prepared as possible before you even consider letting someone know you have caught them. This is critical. One of the biggest mistakes people make in these situations is not having a plan. Discuss a strategy with your private investigator and your attorney first.

Most cheaters are not having love affairs.

Most affairs are typically for sex. After a cheater has been caught and when confronted, cheaters will often continue to lie. They claim to have been platonic friends only or that they just needed someone to talk too. Never mind the sex. Only until you have solid evidence and catch them properly in lies during a confrontation, will you have a pretty good chance of eliciting an admission. This usually results in more unpleasantness. Many cheaters will never come clean and be totally honest. You must deal with this fact.

  • Most cheating incidents include little public display of affection.
  • Cheaters will hook up whenever possible. This can be before work, during the work day, after work or during the weekend.
  • Most secret interludes take less than an hour.
  • They often take place in a vehicle, in a park, a cheap hotel room or one of the cheaters' homes.

If cheaters develop stronger feelings for one another or simply get more accomplished at their craft, the meetings and behaviors may change.

Some key signs to notice and remember when you have been cheated on or are concerned your mate may soon actually be a cheating husband or a cheating wife;

  • Not all cheaters have to see their significant other on a holiday. Remember, several cheaters are married or dating and therefore share the same difficulties when trying to meet their cheating partner.

Often, cheating couples will thoughtfully plan getaways just so no one will notice. Although this sounds pretty obvious, most of our clients are missing what we see as obvious. Isn't that part of the point? A typical example would be that cheaters can't usually see each other on their actual birthday, they have to get together just before or just after. Maybe they will go out of town during the few days surrounding the important date, for some seemingly important reason. Maybe just a late night, or lunch or a three hour break where they cannot be reached.

The same rule applies to any holiday. Valentine's Day is usually still reserved for the wife or husband but the days just before and just after are often critical. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course New Years' Eve are all traditionally popular occasions of importance to spread the love. Most people cannot get away on the day itself so they make-do with a special liaison close to the date. In many cases the cheaters will meet up for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the special day, just not at the time they have to see their legitimate lover or family.

Things to look for; We have posted numerous articles regarding the signs of a cheating spouse, but a few points for you to notice when possible, that can help you spot signs of cheating are;

  • Unusual or inconsistent behavior changes. Irritability or overly affectionate.
  • Significant cash withdrawals from a bank branch or ATM prior to a liaison.
  • Charges on credit cards or store account cards for possible gift items.
  • Providing much less or much more detail than is usual for an upcoming schedule.
  • Last minute plans for an escape without you.
  • Finding gifts, wine, receipts, clothing bags, etc. in their car, garage, office or other.
  • Finding items related to sexual activities.
  • Discovering any record that doesn't match a story that you have been told.
  • Irregular protection of computer and phone.
  • Quick disapearences in the house, outside, or to the market, generally to text or talk briefly.
  • Carrying extra clothing or overnight/gym bags.

Too many people ignore their instincts and wait until they miss a valuable opportunity to catch the cheater. Don't wait too long. You should jump on it and find out or you may be kicking yourself later.

Talk to an Orange County or Huntington Beach Private Investigator

We can answer most of the nagging questions and address any concerns or fears you may have, in a free, no-obligation phone call. The rest of the questions you have, we can get answers to those too.

A little strategizing and good planning goes a long way. You need to know the truth.

You have come to this article for a reason, not just for entertainment. Your concerns are valid and important. Remember, the last person to tell you that they are involved in an extramarital affair, is the cheater.

Thank you for your time. We are waiting for your call.
Good Luck!

For a quick look at 12 signs your partner might be cheating, click on the image below.
Mike Garroutte is a private investigator in Orange County, California. He has worked on several thousand cases involving relationships and helped his clients find answers and a better way to move forward.
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