Suss Out the Sneaky Employees Using Corporate Investigative Services

Corporate investigative services can help business owners and managers determine who's stealing inventory, who's leaking company secrets, and who is luring top-clients to the competitors before jumping ship. Keep your reputation, employee morale, and business practices in check by hiring a Los Angeles corporate investigator.

Businesses spend much of their time and effort developing their reputation. Clients and employees expect a company to live up to its word and to operate in an ethical and responsible manner. In return, a business owner expects the same loyalty and trust from his employees.

A Los Angeles Private Investigator will keep your employees honest

Most companies do not rely on a contract or agreement to stipulate these facts. Nevertheless, there is an unspoken agreement that employees will not act in a manner counterproductive to their employer. Unfortunately, some employees do not always comply with this unspoken agreement. In instances where there is a written agreement and a clear policy in regards to conduct, some will still disregard it and do whatever they wish, to further their own agenda.

This noncompliance can take many forms from simple theft to outright collusion with competitors. The prudent business person should be prepared for this situation as it will eventually arise. These are some of the more common actions that unscrupulous employees will undertake and how our corporate investigative services business can help avoid or alleviate them.

The right corporate investigator will take care of typical employee dishonesty & collusion

Theft of Property or Services

Stealing company property or services is simple enough. The thief understands company protocol and can adequately time his activities to limit his chance of detection. Our experienced detectives are patient and discreet. They can discreetly monitor your facility or an employee, via corporate surveillance services, and determine culpability. In addition, our forensics team can monitor sites such as eBay and Craig's List to determine if your equipment is being sold there.

Client Interdiction

Property is not the only asset that can be stolen by an employee. Key employees can offer their services exclusive of the company. Clients, cajoled by the lure of less expense, do not understand the real value that your company provides. Providing services to a client ?off the books? is not technically illegal, however, it is a breach of the employer / employee trust. There is always a reason when a trusted and loyal client suddenly decreases their activity. Without a reasonable explanation, the business owner should expect the worst and launch an investigation.

Unauthorized Client Referral

Unhappy employees usually send signals about their state of mind. Missed days at work, lack of enthusiasm for company performance, functions and a general malaise are harbingers of their imminent departure. Some employees, however, spend inordinate amounts of time with particularly lucrative clients. Sending clients to a competitor is one method for paving the way into a new position at another company. Pointed interviews with these types of employees are often particularly fruitful in detecting malcontents and treacherous employees. You must address these issues to control or stop the bleeding.

Industrial Espionage

Its name may sound like something from a spy novel, but modern technology makes this form of malfeasance more common than one imagines. Everyday, company employees steal lucrative proprietary information and technology. The simple fact that a certain process is possible is often enough for a competitor to divert resources to the most fruitful lines of research. A prudent company safeguards its assets by ensuring complete confidentiality of its information and having measures in place to check for misuse and exposure. Something as simple as electronic eavesdropping detection, as well as company-owned employee computer and cell phone monitoring can put your mind at ease, or uncover much needed evidence.

Corporate investigations for Business Solutions

In each of the above instances, Linked Investigations can provide discreet, affordable corporate investigative services that yield the necessary documentation to fire dishonest or deceitful employees. Our licensed private detectives also understand that clients are sometimes involved. These business investigations are always conducted with a regard for the sensitivity and integrity of the situation. We understand that there is no point in firing the employee and still losing the client, although this is sometimes unavoidable.

Consultations are always free. Let our experienced staff help you identify the potential problems in your organization and devise a successful corporate investigation strategy. Expert surveillance can yield significant results in a very short time frame. In short, we will provide solid results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations has worked as a Los Angeles Corporate Investigator for more than 30 years. His corporate investigative services have taken him through Southern California, interstate and beyond, uncovering the vital evidence his corporate clients required to make their case. Contact us today and let us improve your business dealings.

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July 1, 2013
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