Use Corporate Investigative Services to Improve Business in 2014

People say this a lot, but it's not always good advice.  We often take someone at face value because we "have a good feeling" about them.  But sometimes, that "good feeling" leads to agencies being defrauded, spouses being betrayed, and companies being ruined.

Don't rely on your intuition alone - use a corporate private investigator and make sure your employees and managers are all they claim to be.

Corporate private investigation uncovers fraud you never knew existed

Employees aren't always honest about their past. If you suspect nefarious activities in the workplace, and the stakes are high, it's better to use private corporate investigation services to find out the truth.  Once you decide to hire corporate investigators, make sure they have the credentials to do the job right.  You want to hire a licensed, corporate investigator who has the experience to deliver results - and a track record that offers peace of mind.

We have found that once we come in and clean up the mess, employers notice an immediate improvement in employee morale, which translates directly into improved work performance. Here are some of the corporate investigative services that can help you get your company back on track.

What does corporate investigation entail?

Perhaps you want to investigate an issue at a remote facility.  Or you want to do a background check on a potential employee, competitor or associate,  Or, you suspect wrongdoing by current employees.  Our corporate investigative services improve business and will find the information you need to keep your company safe.

Our corporate services have helped companies protect their assets, intellectual property, and reputations since 1982.  We provide all the services a company could ever need, including security risk analysis, discreet travel security, employee interviews, fraud detection, expert surveillance, and detection of threats to intellectual property.

Corporate Surveillance Services

Our expert surveillance investigators have conducted thousands of surveillances that provided invaluable information to our clients.  Whether you're a corporation evaluating your service providers, a government agency looking for fraudulent claims for benefits, or a spouse looking to confirm signs of infidelity, we keep you informed of what we're finding out.  When we're done, we provide a detailed, written report of our findings, plus video and pictures (at your request) to back it up.

Background Checks

It isn't hard to find (and pay for) an online background check service that claims to have information about people.  But it's much harder to get information that's reliable and up-to date.  Our investigation services find the most complete and recent information so you can truly know the person you're hiring or firing.

Our experts draw on unparalleled resources to do thorough and complete background checks, whether you're a company vetting a new employee or a person who wants to learn the truth about that special someone.  We have the tools to access millions of records to find crucial personal data, including date of birth, social security number, aliases, marriage and divorce records, bankruptcy filings, corporate records, Fictitious business names/DBA's, tax liens, judgements and other financial records, and criminal and civil court records.


For every attorney, evidence will make or break their case, but evidence isn't always easy to retrieve.  Linked Investigations' experts know where to find the kind if information that a criminal or civil case requires, and they use all the tools at their disposal, from background checks and surveillance to interviews and finding persons of interest.  We present our findings in a detailed, court-ready report that helps attorneys build a rock-solid case.

If you're wondering whether your employees or management teams are telling you the truth, Linked Investigations can let you know for sure.

Founded by a Private Investigator with 30 years of private investigative experience, Linked Investigations' team includes renowned experts in surveillance, discovery, and online searches. The firm is located in Orange County, California, but serves clients nationwide.

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December 1, 2013
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